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Gyrocopter Accidents



20th-8-15 - Uvita, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica - gyrocopter type unknown - registration unknown - News reports mention  a gyrocopter crashing into the sea approx 1 mile off the coast with two people on board. A rescue operation is in progress. Update welcomed.

News link to gyrocopter accident in Costa Rica 20.8.15

August 17 2015 - Aire sur la Lys, Pas de Calais, France - Celier Aviation Xenon - 88-NJ -Fatal accident. The gyrocopter crashed killing the pilot and the passenger. A witness suggests the Xenon had black smoke coming from the engine before impacting the ground.

News link to fatal Xenon accident 17-8-15

16-8-15 - Fontrailles airfield, near Trie sur Baise, France - Leon Gyro Side by Side -  registration unknown - The gyrocopter crashed during final approach to land, rolled over several times and caught fire. The pilot was rescued with burns and multiple injuries.

News link to gyrocopter accident in France 16-8-15

10-8-15 - Midland, Texas, USA - Trixy G4-2R - N743SS - The gyrocopter crashed shortly after take off from Midland Airpark ending up on its side with rotor and propeller damage. The pilot is reported with minor back injuries. The passenger Sheriff Painter was uninjured.

Trixy G4-2R N743SS after the accident 

News link to Trixy gyrocopter accident in Texas USA

August 9th 2015 - Humboldt, Dakota City, Iowa, USA - RAF 2000 - N315LK - Fatal accident - FAA Preliminary report states " EXPERIMENTAL RAF 2000 GT AIRCRAFT CRASHED UNDER UNKNOWN CIRCUMSTANCES, HUMBOLDT, IA." The gyrocopter appears to have crashed into a residential garden. The pilot was killed in the accident. A passenger was injured. Local media name the pilot as Larry Erickson. 

UPDATE  -  NTSB Preliminary says "On August 9, 2015, about 1855 central daylight time, a Larry D Erickson RAF 2000 GT rotorcraft, N315LK, was substantially damaged after impacting terrain near Humboldt, Iowa. The pilot was fatally injured and the passenger was seriously injured. The rotorcraft was registered to and operated by a private individual under the provisions of 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 91 as a personal flight. Day visual meteorological conditions prevailed for the flight, with no flight plan filed. The local flight departed from Humboldt Municipal Airport (0K7), Humboldt, Iowa at an unknown time.

A witness noticed the rotorcraft enter into a steep descent with a reduction in engine noise, followed by an increase in engine noise. The rotorcraft subsequently impacted a tree and fell to the ground, which damaged the fuselage. Several segments of the engine's 3-bladed propeller were located as far as 200 feet from the main wreckage. The propeller was retained for further examination.

At 1915, the weather observation station at Fort Dodge Regional Airport, Fort Dodge, Iowa, located about 12 miles south of the accident site, reported the following conditions: wind 120 degrees at 3 knots, 10 miles visibility, clear skies, temperature 25 degrees C, dew point 20 degrees C, altimeter setting 29.92 inches of mercury."

News link to fatal RAF 2000 gyrocopter accident 9.8.15

9th-August-2015 - Cannon's Creek, Warneet, near Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - Auto-Gyro Cavalon - G-4848 - Fatal accident. The gyrocopter which took off from Tyabb airfield is believed to have hit power cables and then crashed into an estuary ending up on its righthand side half submerged under water. The pilot was killed and the passenger was rescued with serious injuries. Local media name the pilot as Carl Solomons. 

UPDATE - An ASRA update states "At or about mid-day Sunday, a Cavalon gyro with two people on board struck power lines during illegal low level operations. The power lines entangled the gyro resulting in it being catapulted into a creek below. The pilot died but the passenger was flown to hospital in a serious but stable condition.
ASRA has conducted an onsite investigation into the event and is preparing a report for the Victorian Coroner and the Victorian Police.
ASRA Operations wishes to extend our deepest sympathy to the family of the deceased."


News Link to Cavalon gyrocopter accident at Warneet, Australia 9-8-15 

News link to fatal Cavalon crash at Warneet 9.8.15

4th Aug 2015 - near Los Molinas, Argentina - unknown gyro - unknown registration - Fatal accident. The two seat gyrocopter crashed onto the Highway 75 and burst into flames. The pilot and also the passenger were killed in this accident.

News Link here to fatal gyrocopter accident in Argentina

31-7-15 - Hereford Golf Academy, Hereford, UK - Auto-Gyro Calidus - G-CLDS - the gyrocopter crashed during an aborted take off at the golf club. It ended up on its port side. The pilot and passenger received minor injuries.

Link to Calidus accident Herefordshire 31.7.15

July 18th 2015 - Schweighofen, Wissembourg, Germany - Magni M24 Orion  -  unknown registration - The gyrocopter rolled over whilst making an emergency landing shortly after take off. The pilot and passenger were not injured but damage to the gyrocopter is said to be substantial.

News link to gyrocopter accident at Schweighofen 18.7.15  

17-7-15 - Livingston, Texas, USA - Celier Aviation Xenon - N402ED - FAA Preliminary data says the gyro crashed off the runway into grass. The accident is listed as substantial.  More details welcomed.

The NTSB published preliminary report states,

On July 17, 2015, about 1500 central daylight time, a Celier Aviation Xenon RST, gyroplane, N402ED, had a partial loss of engine power during takeoff, veered off the runway, and rolled onto its left side at the Livingston Municipal Airport (00R), Livingston, Texas. The private pilot, the sole occupant in the gyroplane, sustained minor injuries. The gyroplane was registered to and operated by the pilot, as a visual flight rules, personal cross-country flight under the provisions of 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 91. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed for the flight, and no flight plan was filed. The flight originated from Jennings Airport (3R7), Jennings, Louisiana at 1100 central daylight time.

During a telephone conversation with the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigator-in-charge on July 21, 2015, the pilot stated that during the takeoff roll at about 1 foot above ground level he heard a grinding noise originating from the main rotor area directly above him. The pilot reduced the power to idle to abort the takeoff; the gyroplane drifted to the left side of the runway, rolled onto its left side impacting the ground.

The pilot reported there were no pre-impact mechanical failures or malfunctions with the airframe or engine that would have precluded normal operation.

The gyroplane sustained substantial damage to the fuselage, and right tail tube.

Link to NTSB report for Xenon gyrocopter accident

July 13th 2015 - St Clair Shores, Michigan, USA - Ultralight gyro - un-registered  - The gyrocopter made an emergency landing in an empty school car park. The pilot was uninjured and the gyrocopter undamaged. The battery is believed to have failed causing the fuel pump to stop. The ultralight gyro had it's first flight earlier this week.

News link to ultralight gyrocopter incident 13-7-15

11-7-15 - Bezolles, near Auch, Gers Dept 32, France - ELA-07 gyrocopter - 32-MO - Fatal accident. The gyrocopter crashed onto grass and burnt out and was completely destroyed. The 64 year old pilot was killed in the accident.

News link to fatal autogyre accident near Bezolles

5th July 2015 - Near Sovdeborg airfield ( ESMI ), Sweden - Auto-Gyro MTOsport - SE-VRL - The gyrocopter crashed shortly after take off from Sovdeborg airfield. The gyrocopter climbed to a height of approx 50m but struggled to climb further. The pilot adjusted the variable pitch propeller but speed and height were lost. The pilot turned the gyrocopter to the right and foreced landed in a field. The tail and nose wheel broke off. The pilot and passenger escaped with minor injuries. It is believed the variable pitch propeller was not set correctly for take off.

23-6-15 - Millau-Larzac airfield - Aveyron - France - ELA gyro - 34-ACG - Fatal. The gyrocopter crashed during landing killing the 72 year old pilot. 

News link to fatal gyrocopter accident on 23.6.15

June 22nd 2015 - Pasiano, Italy - Trixy G4-2 gyro - D-MECL - the gyrocopter crashed into a vineyard field shortly after take off. The pilot attempted to return to the airfield. A Trixy spokesman suggested that the pitch of the propeller may have been incorrectly set. The pilot was injured and airlifted to hospital by air ambulance. The pilot and passenger are both from Austria.   

News link to Trixy gyro crash in Italy 22-6-15 

June 21st 2015 - Saint-Paul de Loubressac, near Cahors, Lot region, France - Magni M22 - 46-FU - c/n 22127204 - Fatal - the gyrocopter was on approach to land at a small airstrip at St Paul when it hit electricity power line wires cutting power to the local village. The 60 year old pilot was killed. The passenger was seriously injured. Local media name the pilot as Thierry Lagane.

News link to fatal gyrocopter accident in France 21.6.15 

Photo link to Magni M22 "46-FU" prior to accident 

20-06-15 - Concord, New Hampshire, USA - Dragonfly type gyro - N485MP - take off accident. Pilot uninjured. The NTSB Preliminay report states "
The pilot of the amateur built gyrocopter reported that during taxi to the runway, he was distracted by his electronic altimeter when it entered a sleep mode. After resetting the altimeter, the pilot immediately entered the active runway and initiated the takeoff roll without disengaging the main rotor brake. Subsequently, at 25 miles per hour during the takeoff roll he reported an unusual vibration and a knocking sound. The pilot attempted to reduce speed, but the gyrocopter tipped forward and to the left, the main rotor impacted the ground, and the gyrocopter rolled over on its right side coming to a stop on the runway.

During an interview with the pilot, he explained that the rotor brake must be disengaged before takeoff. He also stated that this accident may have been prevented if the rotor brake was designed in a manner that required manual hand pressure from the pilot.

The pilot stated there were no mechanical malfunctions or failures with the gyrocopter that would have precluded normal operation. Substantial damage was found along the main rotor and vertical stabilizer.

The National Transportation Safety Board determines the probable cause(s) of this accident as follows:
  • The pilot's inability to maintain direction control during takeoff, which resulted in a roll over. Contributing to the loss of control was the pilot's failure to disengage the main rotor brake prior to takeoff."

Web link to NTSB Preliminary report for gyrocopter accident 20-6-15

June 7th 2015 - Kiruna airfield, Sweden Trixy G4-2R gyrocopter - SE-VRX - the gyrocopter rolled over on landing possibley due to cross winds.

6th June 2015 - Maple Plain airport, Independence, Minnesota, USA - Bensen B8M - N2436 - the vintage gyrocopter crashed into a bean field near the perimeter of the airfield. The 73 year old pilot was able to walk away with minor injuries.

 Photo courtesy West Hennepin Public Safety

The NTSB Factual report states "The pilot reported that he was making a low pass by the runway and that the gyroplane began settling. He reported that he felt a downdraft from the nearby trees pull the gyroplane down. The pilot reported that he turned down wind to escape the downdraft, he lost lift, and the gyroplane impacted a field sustaining substantial damage to the fuselage.

The pilot reported that there were no pre-impact mechanical failures or malfunctions with the airframe or engine that would have precluded normal operation

Link to Bensen B8M crash 6.6.15

Link to NTSB report for Bensen gyro crash 6.6.15

5.6.15 - Sikeston, Missouri, USA - Sport Copter Vortex M912 - N229MG - FAA Preliminary data states ".....EXPERIENCED A HARD LANDING AND TIPPED OVER. SIKESTON, MISSOURI" - more details welcome. The gyro was newly built and registered in Feb 2015.

7-5-15 Near Jakelsfontein, Western Cape, South Africa - ELA 08 gyro - ZU-DYX - the gyrocopter appears to have crashed into coastal sand dunes.  Discussion on the AVCOM forum suggests the gyrocopter may have been flying too slow and too low. The rotor blades and tail are damaged.

The SA CAA published this brief summary, "the attitude was too low to get enough airspeed and lift and he was unable to clear the dune field and during an attempted forced landing the wheels got stuck in the sand and the gyrocopter rolled over to the right"

4.5.15 - Private airstrip, near Reading, England, UK - Montgomerie-Bensen B8MR - G-CBNX - the UK AAIB summary states "The pilot commenced his takeoff roll on a grass runway and everything was normal until the point of rotation, when he reported that a sudden gust of wind pushed the aircraft sideways. He decided to abort the takeoff but there was insufficient runway remaining and the aircraft struck a hedge before coming to rest. The pilot was uninjured but the aircraft sustained damage."

Link to UK AAIB accident report for Montgomerie-Bensen B8MR accident

1st May 2015 - Near Ravenna , Muskgeon County, Michigan, USA - Bensen B8M - N5606X - the Bensen gyrocopter crashed at approx 12.30pm after taking off from Jenison Riverview airport an hour earlier. A witness said she heard the engine cut out, The gyrocopter appears to have hit  low wires and crashed in a dry ditch beside road. The pilot suffered a broken leg and other injuries. Local media name the pilot as 68 year old Steven Lathrop

The NTSB Preliminary report states

On May 1, 2015, about 1225 central daylight time, a homebuilt gyrocopter, N5606X, registered to the pilot/owner, was destroyed when it collided with power lines while maneuvering in the vicinity of Ravenna, Michigan. The private pilot, who was the sole occupant, sustained serious injuries. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed in the vicinity and a flight plan was not filed. The local flight was being conducted under the provisions of Federal Code of Regulations Part 91. The flight originated from Riverview, Michigan, about 1125.

The single-seat gyrocopter wreckage was resting in a deep ditch on the north side of Sherman Road near the intersection of Wunsch Road in Moorland Township near Ravenna, MI. Evidence at the accident site showed that the gyrocopter had impacted 30-foot high power lines, consequently breaking the two of the lines. The power line pole on the north side of Sherman Road was broken and unattached to its base. The pilot's headgear showed thermal damage to the face shield and soot was evident inside of the shield and around the face relief of the helmet, consistent with electrical arcing. The helmet was found in a ditch just west of Wunsch Road about 40 feet from the wreckage.

The gyrocopter's rotor mast was broken off, about seat height. The rotor blades were coned upward consistent with low RPM and high loading. The trailing edges of the blades exhibited buckling between fasteners. One rotor blade had scuff marks on the bottom side. The other blade had buckling failure in the aft direction. One of the propeller blades of the pusher propeller was separated and was found about 50 yards beyond the wreckage. The broken blade leading edge exhibited leading edge marks consistent with contact with the broken power line wires.

The Volkswagen engine appeared to be mostly intact. The crank would rotate by hand, but was limited due to adjacent impact damage. Automotive gasoline was present in the fuel filter and some gas was dripping out of the carburetor when first responders arrived. The broken ends of the power lines showed some broom straw signatures, some cut failures, and some right angle bending near the wire failures. The wires consisted of five aluminum wires wrapped about a steel core.

News link to Bensen B8M accident 1.5.15

30-4-15 - 
Bénifontaine airfield, near Lens, Dept 62, France - ELA gyrocopter - 62-AYF - Fatal. The two seat gyrocopter took off at approx 7pm when it struck a parachutist at a height of approx 20m who was just about to land. The gyrocopter shredded the parachute causing the parachutist to plummet to the ground.  The gyrocopter came down abruptly and rolled over on to its right side with the rotors breaking off. The pilot and passenger received minor injuries. The 32 year old parachutist is believed to have suffered a heart attack after the collision and died later in hospital.

News link to collision between a gyrocopter and a parachutist in France 30.4.15 

April 20th-2015 - Approx 18nm NE of Citrusdal, Western Cape, South Africa - Magni M16 - ZU-DNH - Fatal. The gyrocopter crashed during a commercial aerial application flight. The pilot was killed.

The SA CAA summary report says "According to witnesses the aircraft dropped lower and flew across without spraying the insecticide. The aircraft made a tight left turn and there after it went straight to the ground banking left"

16-4-15 - Florida, USA - RFD Dominator - N369KA - FAA Preliminary info states that the two seat Dominator gyrocopter made forced landing in a field near Myakka City FL. It has been suggested that the Subaru EA81 engine suffered carburettor icing. The pilot and his passenger were unhurt.

April 1st 2015 - Zephyrhills, Florida, USA - Apollo AG-1 - N914AG c/n USA220713  - the Apollo gyrocopter crashed during a flight demonstration. Two people were on board the AG-1 at the time one receiving back injuries.

March 30th 2015 - Old Warden airfield, Bedfordshire, UK - Magni M24C Orion - G-YROD - the UK AAIB summary states,
""During an approach to Old Warden Airfield, the pilot encountered an unexpectedly strong
gusty crosswind. As he attempted a go-around, he lost control of the gyroplane and it struck
the ground, rolling onto its right side""

The gyrocopter was almost new having been registered in November 2014. 

Link to UK AAIB accident report for Magni M24C Orion G-YROD

News interview with the pilot of G-YROD talking about accident

25-3-15 - Uitenhage, South Africa - RAF 2000 GTX SE FI - ZU-DVB  - Fatal - the gyrocopter crashed shortly after take off a few hundred metres from the airfield at Uitenhage. The gyrocopter subsequently caught fire. Both the pilot and the passenger were killed in this accident.

A preliminary SA CAA summary states ""According to the witness, the aircraft took from runway 26 and climb without incident. On downwind at about 200 feet AMSL the aircraft pitched to a nose down attitude where after it crashed into a bushy terrain and burst into flames""

News link to RAF gyrocopter accident at Uitenhage South Africa

March 25 2015 - Pfarrweisach, near Bamberg, Germany - Auto-Gyro MTOsport - D-MOIX - the gyrocopter crashed onto a slopping grass field between the villages of Pfarrweisach and Kraisdorf during the early afternoon. The 44-year-old passenger was slightly injured whilst the 51-year-old pilot escaped without injury. A possible engine problem caused the pilot to make an emergency landing during which the gyrocopter clipped tree tops just before hitting the ground.

News link and photos to accident at Pfarrweisach 

Further link and news photo for gyrocopter accident near Pfarrweisach

More news about the MTOsport at Pfarrweisach 

March 8th 2015 - Leimbach, Thann, Alsace, France - Magni M16 Tandem Trainer - Registration unknown ( Dept 68 ? ) - the gyrocopter crashed at approx 6pm on a steep slope on the edge of Leimbach village. The 79 year old pilot a resident of the village was recovered concious and taken to hospital.

News link to gyrocopter accident at Leimbach, France 8.3.15

Feb 24th 2015 - North West of Vredendal, Western Cape, South Africa - RAFSA 2000 - ZU-RKO
- c/n M2-01-07-11-039 - the SA CAA accident summary states ""While on roll for take-off at approximately 25mph for a local flight, whirlwind struck the gyro and the main rotor struck the ground causing it to roll over"" 

Feb 4 15 - near Charlottesville, North Carolina, USA - Auto-Gyro Calidus - N595X - the FAA preliminary report states, "N595X Calidus AutoGyro GMbH experimental gyrocopter on take off from a field, sustained minor damage, 12 miles from Charlottesville, Virginia VA."

N595X was registered new in December 2014 and has construction number C00350.

News link for Calidus N595X

Jan 18 2015 -  Bribie Island near Caboolture, , Queensland, Australia - registration unknown - RAF 2000 gyrocopter - the ATSB summary states "During the cruise, the gyrocopter lost power and the pilot conducted a forced landing on a beach. An inspection revealed the propeller drive belt had failed." The incident is listed as a Serious Incident

ATSB Ref 201500079

Jan 6th 2015 -  Near Grand Junction, Mesa County, Colorado, USA - Auto-Gyro Calidus - N50NE -  the gyrocopter accident happened in high mountainous terrain in unknown circumstances maybe as high as 8,000ft ASL. A large search and rescue party found the pilot and passenger. One person was evacuated to hospital by CareFlight air ambulance with a back injury. The second person initially declined hospital treatment but was later transferred to hospital too. The Sheriff's office say ""The two men are from Utah and were travelling back to Spanish Fork, Utah, when the gyroplane crashed on private property, in a very remote area of Western Colorado.""

Recovery of Calidus N50NE - photo courtesy KKCO 11 News

More info on link below

News link to local Sheriffs Office

UPDATE  - the NTSB published the Probable Cause report on 10th March 2015 as follows,

NTSB investigators used data provided by various entities, including, but not limited to, the Federal Aviation Administration and/or the operator and did not travel in support of this investigation to prepare this aircraft accident report.

The pilot stated that during a flight to the destination airport, the gyrocopter was in a slow climb at about 60 knots due to higher terrain that he knew was approaching along the route. As the gyrocopter approached a ridge, the pilot noticed that more altitude was needed, so he turned left of course along the ridge while continuing the climb, expecting to turn right at an area that he saw had lower terrain. The pilot said that things were still going well, but the climb rate had decreased somewhat. As the gyrocopter approached the area of lower terrain, the gyrocopter started to descend quickly with a best rate of climb speed of 52 knots. The gyrocopter descended lower than the surrounding trees and "brushed" the tree tops, tipping the gyrocopter forward and to the right. The pilot saw a small clearing and applied corrective control input to maintain an upright attitude of the gyrocopter and to reach the clearing. Just before entering the clearing, the gyrocopter contacted oak brush with its rotor blades, which sustained substantial damage. The gyrocopter landed in the clearing and slid with minimal forward speed to a stop. The aircraft fuselage had a fractured nose and collapsed nose gear. The pilot sustained serious injuries and the passenger sustained minor injuries. The pilot stated that if he had turned right at the approach of the ridge where the terrain was lower, he could have gone around the south end of the ridge. He said he should have expected a down draft on the lee side of the ridge and could also have executed an escape route earlier by turning away from the ridge before the area of down flowing air.

The National Transportation Safety Board determines the probable cause(s) of this accident as follows:
  • The pilot's failure to maintain clearance with terrain that was along the planned route of flight.


December 14th 2014 - Bailleul, near Lille, France - Auto-Gyro MT-03 - registration unknown - The red gyrocopter crashed very closed to the A25 motorway. The pilot and passenger received minor injuries. A nearby power cable was broken too, news reports say it is unclear if this was the cause of the crash or if it was broken as the gyro made an emergency descent. The gyrocopter appears to be written off. 

News link to autogire accident at Bailleul in December 2014


27th Nov 2014 - Chendaliang, Hengshan County, Shaanxi province, China - registration unknown - Auto-Gyro Calidus - the gyrocopter struck high voltage power lines during flight training. The student pilot and the instructor were injured.

News link to Calidus accident in China 27.11.14

Nov 23 2014 - Morningstar airfield, Western Cape, South Africa - Auto-Gyro Calidus - ZU-RGU - the gyrocopter overturned on its righthand side just after landing. The pilot was on his first solo and had made a good landing.

The SA CAA accident summary states ""The pilot stated that as he came into land on runway 20, he applied excessive left rudder to try and align the aircraft with the middle of the runway""""

An AVCOM forum thread discussing this accident can be found here

21st Nov 14 - Mount Sylvia, near Gatton, Queensland, Australia  - registration unknown  -  gyrocopter type unknown - Fatal -  The gyrocopter impacted bush terrain and caught fire. A witness suggested that the engine had stopped in flight. The pilot was killed. Local media name the pilot as Ted Hurley.

Link to fatal gyrocopter accident in Queensland 21.11.14

1-11-14 - Shoreham airport, England, UK - Auto-Gyro MT-03 - G-JBRE - the UK AAIB summary report states "During the initial part of an attempted takeoff from Runway 20 at Shoreham Airport, the gyroplane rotors came into contact with the propeller causing damage to the rotor blades, the tips of the propeller blades and the tailplane. The pilot rejected the takeoff and steered the gyroplane into the grass at the side of the runway. The control inputs and forward speed were inappropriate for the rotor speed, resulting in retreating blade stall. The pilot did not have much experience of busy airfields and believes this was a factor."

Link to UK AAIB report for accident 1.11.14

Oct 24th 2014 - Bellegarde-Vovray airfield ( LFHN ), Ain, France - Auto-Gyro Calidus - 83-AMW- the gyrocopter crashed onto the grass at the airfield - news reports suggest it fell from approx 25m in gusty wind conditions. The 68 year old pilot was taken to hospital with several broken bones. It has been suggested that the canopy opened during flight.

News Link to Calidus accident in France 24.10.14

22 10 14 - Near Windhoek, Namibia, Africa - V5-UMO - Celier Aviation Xenon - the gyrocopter is believed to have suffered engine failure after departing from Eros airport and came down in bushes near the Prosperita industrial area on the outskirts of city. Shortly after take off the pilot decided to turn back due to engine power concerns. The Xenon force landed into bushes breaking the twin rear booms. The pilot and his pet dog passenger survived the accident with just scratches. This Xenon was built in 2009.

News link to Xenon gyrocopter accident in Namibia 

News links to Xenon accident Namibia October 2014

Video link to TV news report for Xenon accident in Namibia

19.10.14 - Surany airfield, Slovakia ( LZSY )  - Janos Darus Sky Star - OM-M506 - c/n SS001/DJ -  the gyrocopter ( Hungarian built MTOsport lookalike )  crashed on the grass at the airfield coming to a rest on its starboard side. The rotors were destroyed. The gyrocopter is likely to be a write off.  More details of this accident would be welcome.

Link to news report with images of accident at Surany Slovakia

Oct 13th 2014 - Vilshofen airfield, Germany - unknown gyrocopter - unknown registration -The gyrocopter pilot was a student pilot and had flown to Vilshofen from Passau.  The accident happened as the gyrocopter touched down on the runway. The 42 year old pilot from Austria escaped with minor injuries. The gyrocopter is believed to have suffered major damage. More details welcomed - thanks.

News link to gyrocopter accident at Vilshofen 13.10.14

4th October 2014 - Colorado River, Fruita, near Loma, Colorado, USA - Celier Aviation Xenon - N719MB - Fatal accident. The gyrocopter is believed to have hit power lines above the Colorado River - the local power company reported power blackouts in the area. The Xenon gyrocopter fell into the River Colorado killing both the pilot and the passenger. A news photo shows an inverted Xenon in the river. Local fisherman tried to assist at the scene. The gyrocopter had departed from Grand Junction airport. Local media name the occupants as pilot Mark Shook and passenger Rebecca Molle.

NTSB Preliminary report states "" On October 4, 2014, about 1817 mountain daylight time, a Celier Aviation model Xenon R gyroplane, N719MB, was destroyed when it impacted power transmission wires near Loma, Colorado. The commercial pilot and passenger received fatal injuries. The aircraft was registered to Western Centurion LLC, and operated by the pilot under the provisions of 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 91 as personal flight. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed for the flight, which was not on a flight plan. The local flight originated from the Grand Junction Regional Airport, Grand Junction, Colorado, about 1800.""

News link to Xenon crash into Colorado River 

Oct 1st 2014 - near Rostraver airport ( KFWQ ), Monongahela, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA - Air Command 582 gyrocopter  - unregistered no "N" number  - Fatal accident. The single seat gyrocopter took off early evening and failed to return. An initial search later that evening failed to find any trace. A resumed search the following morning found the wreckage in a densely wooded ravine area about 2,000 feet from the end of the Rostraver Airport runway. Local media name the pilot as David Charletta and suggest he had owned the gyrocopter since Spring 2014.


UPDATE - part of the NTSB preliminary report states "According to the Westmorland County, Pennsylvania Coroner's Summary Report, the accident pilot was last observed flying the single-seat gyroplane about 1350 on the day of the accident. When the pilot did not meet his family later that evening, they reported him missing. The wreckage was subsequently located the following day about 0915, about 750 feet east of the runway 26 threshold at FWQ."

Link to news report for fatal gyrocopter accident in Pennsylvania 1.10.14

Link to NTSB Preliminary report for Air Command gyrocopter accident

September 28 th 2014 - near Castellazzo Novarese, Italy - unknown autogyro - registration unknown - Fatal. The gyrocopter crashed between Casaleggio and Castellazzo shortly after take off.

Link to gyrocopter accident in Italy Sept 2014

Sep 27 2014 - near Großweikersdorf, Tulln, Austria - Auto-Gyro MTOsport - D-........ ? - Two gyrocopters were taking part in an air-air photo session. The subject gyrocopter hit a power line and was able to make an emergency landing into a corn field. The power line remained unbroken. The pilot and passenger were uninjured. The local fire services helped recover the gyrocopter from the corn field.

News link to Gyrocopter incident in Austrai 27.9.14

27-9-14 - Near Mt Magnet aerodrome, Windsor Station, Western Australia, Australia - Peter Green type gyro - registration unknown -  The ATSB accident summary states, "During the take-off run, the left tyre deflated causing the rim to dig into the dirt runway surface. The gyrocopter rolled left and came to rest on its side. The pilot sustained minor injuries and the gyrocopter was substantially damaged."

ATSB Ref 201408001

2014 Sept 21st - St John The Baptist Parish airport, Reserve, Louisiana, USA - RAF 2000 - N5002E - Fatal accident. Initial news reports suggest that moments after take off as the gyrocopter began a turn parts of the rotor blades broke off. The gyrocopter fell and crashed into a water filled ditch within the airport boundary killing both the pilot and the young passenger.

Local media report the pilot as 48-year-old Darren Mahler, of Metairie, and the passenger as 13 year old  Payton Wilt.

UPDATE - The NTSB Preliminary report states "Witnesses reported seeing the gyroplane take off on runway 35, turn left onto the crosswind leg, and climb to about 200 feet. They saw "something fall off" the gyroplane, then the rotor blades folded, and the gyroplane crashed into a canal and submerged."

News link to gyrocopter accident at St John The Baptist Parish airport, LA

News link to RAF 2000 gyrocopter accident - wreckage recovery

Web link to St John The Baptist airport website

Web link to photo of RAF 2000 N5002E dated 2007

Link to official NTSB Preliminary Report

Sep 7th 2014 - Maun airport, Botswana, Africa - Wagtail Trojan - ZU-RKJ - c/n 1306  - After landing the Trojan gyrocopter is believed to have suffered a nose wheel collapse whilst taxying. The gyrocopter then rolled over to the left with damage to the rotors and propeller.The nose wheel will be sent for metallurgic analysis.

News link to Wagtail Trojan accident at Maun 7.9.14

Link to dialogue on this incident on the AVCOM forum

August 31 2014 - Sainte-Rose, Reunion Isles, Indian Ocean - DTA J-RO - 974-OA - the J-RO gyrocopter operating from Rolland-Garros international airport made a forced landing into a field reason unknown. The pilot and passenger set off to walk cross country. Rescue services commenced a search and found the abandoned gyrocopter. The pilot and passenger were found after they had been walking for three hours across rough terrain.   

Source BEA

31.8.14 - Kentmorr Airpark, Stevensville, Maryland, USA - Auto-Gyro Cavalon - N470CH - the FAA preliminary reports that during an unplanned landing the Cavalon landed short of the runway and ran into a ditch. The instructor and student escaped with minor injuries. The gyrocopter has been returned to Auto-Gyro USA and is believed to have major damage.

UPDATE 1.11.14 - The FAA NPTRS report states "...the aircraft lost engine power and that the pilot attempted to land on runway 28 at Kentmorr but landed short of the runway in a ditch. During the landing the rotor blades contacted the ground."  A later section of the report states that "Maintenance crew found no discrepancies with the engine. The aircraft log book had no past history of engine failure. A 15 minute hi-power engine run noted no discrepancies." 

Source FAA

Aug 31 2014 - Springs airport ( FASI ), Gauteng, South Africa - ELA 07 - ZU-DSL - the SA CAA summary report states - "On touched down he was unable to maintain directional control and the gyro veered off the runway surface to the right onto the dry grass due to sudden gust of wind ."

Source SA CAA

26/8/14 - Delissaville, Northern Territory, Australia - Auto-Gyro MTOsport - registration unknown -  The ATSB accident summary states, "During takeoff, the gyrocopter pitched up and rolled left. The pilot was unable to regain control of the gyrocopter before it impacted the runway resulting in substantial damage."

ATSB Ref 201407891

Aug 6th 2014 - Oroville, California, USA - Unknown gyrocopter type  - possible Air Command - unregistered - Whilst taxying the gyrocopter rolled over onto its side causing minor damage.  Forum threads suggests the pilot may have attempted a take off without training.

Source FAA Preliminary Report

Link to discussion on the Rotary Wing Forum

August 3rd 14 - Jeddah, Saudi Arabia - Auto-Gyro  - believed to be MTOsport - Fatal accident. The pilot and passenger were both killed when the gyrocopter crashed near the runway and caught fire.

News link to gyrocopter accident in Saudi Arabia

News with Jeddah gyro wreckage photo

2-8-14 - Near Vrboska, Hvar, Croatia - Auto-Gyro MTOsport - 9A-MIC - the gyrocopter lost height moments after take off from Hvar and made an emergency landing, hitting a stone wall around a vineyard. The pilot and passenger received minor injuries.

News link to MTOsport accident in Croatia 8.14

31 Jul 2014 - Koszalin airflield ( EPKZ ), Poland - Brako Gyro - 33-ALK ( French registration ) - the Brako gyrocopter was prepared for a ground engine run. Upon starting the engine from outside of the cockpit,  the engine went to full power and the machine accelerated away. The owner was slightly hurt. The Brako gyrocopter travelled approx 50m begfore hit two parked cars and the hanger before coming to a rest. The gyro had only returned to Poland the day before after repairs in Italy from an earlier incident.The report says the throttle was fully open and that gyro was not restrained by chocks or anything else.

Link to Polish PKBWL report in the Brako gyrocopter accident

2014 July 23 - near Jaroslawiec, Poland - Szponder Twister - A21-MMS. Fatal accident - the gyrocopter crashed into the Baltic Sea killing the 25 year old pilot.  The Szponder Twister was a home made tandem seat gyrocopter with a twin boom. The gyrocopter operated with an American ASC registration A21-MMS see photo below, 

A21-MMS Szponder Twister prior to the accident

News link to accident at Jaroslawiec

17-7-14 - near Les Pradeaux, Dept 63, France - Magni M24 Orion - 43-ZI - the gyrocopter hit electricity lines whilst flying airfield circuits and crashed into the shallow River Alier.

News link to M24 Orion accident at Les Pradeaux

July 17th 2014 - near Cape Girardeau, Missouri - Magni M16 Tandem Trainer - N216MG - construction number 16-01-1774  the gyrocopter hit a low level domestic power cable near a property. The pilot sustained injuries to his neck area. The gyrocopter crashed into an adjacent bean field. It is said the pilot had acquired his solo licence just the day before. The pilot was taken to hospital.

UPDATE - the NTSB Factual report states "The pilot reported that he was performing a local flight in a gyroplane. He stated that he flew the gyroplane for an unknown period of time and then regained consciousness in a field after the accident. He reported that there was a transection of a nearby power line and that the gyroplane suffered damage to the propeller, main rotor, landing gear, and fuselage. He reported no mechanical failures or malfunctions of the gyroplane.

A witness reported seeing the gyroplane flying about 20 to 30 feet above ground level. He stated the pilot was waving at him. He noticed that the gyroplane was heading for a set of power lines nearby and he began waving to the pilot as a warning. The witness reported that the gyroplane struck the top wire of the power transmission wires, and then lost control and impacted the ground."

News link to Magni accident 17th July 2014 in Missouri

News link to Magni accident at Cape Giradeau

Link to NTSB report for Magni gyro accident 17,7,14

July 2014 11th - Near El Berriel airfield, Gran Canaria, Spain - EC-GJ4 - ELA 07 R100 - the gyrocopter appeared to suffer an engine failure 30 seconds after take off. The pilot managed to make an emergency landing among rocks on the nearby coastline. Neither the pilot nor the passenger were hurt and damage to the gyro appears minimal.

Link to gyrocopter incident at El Berriel July 2014

Official incident report

10th 7 2014 - Lada airfield, Summerfield, Petersburg, Monroe County, Michigan, USA - Homebuilt Air Command 532 type gyro - unregistered - Fatal accident. The gyrocopter crashed approximately 1/4 mile from the airfield into a farm field. The incident was unknown at the time and a search was not conducted until the following day. Local media name the pilot as Kenneth West aged 69 years.

This gyro has been described as being a low rider, with no HS and a large engine. 

News link to gyrocopter crash at Summerfield

Photo link to gyrocopter crash at Summerfield

Part of the NTSB Preliminary report states, "Examination of the engine revealed that the forward spark plug of the two-cylinder, two-stroke, Rotax model 532 engine was loose and could be removed by hand without the aid of any tools. No additional preimpact anomalies were noted with the engine that would have prevented its normal operation. Additionally, there was limited damage to the 3-blade propeller, the throttle was found in the full-aft position, and there was the smell of automobile fuel present at the accident site."

Link to NTSB Preliminary Report into fatal gyrocopter accident 10.7.14

July 4 2014 - Buffalo Municipal Airport, Missouri - unknown gyrocopter - unregistered - FAA preliminary accident data refers to a take off accident at Buffalo airport - the gyrocopter crashed onto the runway causing substantial damage to the gyrocopter and minor injuries to the pilot.  As an unregistered ( ultralight ? ) gyro this accident is unlikely to appear in the NTSB reports.

Source FAA

22nd June 2014 - Atherton, Queensland, Australia  - Celier Aviation Xenon - registration unknown - The ATSB accident summary states, "During the take-off, the gyrocopter pitched forward and collided with the runway. The gyrocopter was substantially damaged and the pilot was seriously injured."

ATSB ref 201404532

22 6 14 - Ruvina airfield, Sabugal, Portugal - Magni M-22 Voyager - 16-MK ( French registration ) - the gyrocopter crashed shortly after take off after gaining height of approx 50m. The gyrocopter lost height and impacted the ground before catching fire. The pilot and passenger escaped with minor injuries. The gyrocopter was destroyed.

photo courtesy GPIAA of Portugal 

June 20 2014 - Buhlow Lake airfield, Pineville, Louisiana, USA - Bensen B8M gyrocopter - N31234 - local news reports say the Bensen gyrocopter flipped on the runway after a hard landing. The pilot Bill Wieger was taken to hospital for observation. This gyro was originally built in 1979 and is believed to be  powered by a Continental engine. The news link below shows photos of the damaged Bensen.

Link to Bensen accident at Buhlow Lake, LA

2014 June 13th  - Stellenbosch airfield, South Africa - Auto-Gyro Calidus - ZU-RRP c/n C00288 -    The gyrocopter crashed during take off. The pilot suffered serious injuries.

The SA CAA summary tells us  - "The evidence is that shortly after take-off from the runway, the Gyrocopter was involved in an accident" 

News link to Calidus accident at Stellenbosch June 2014

7.6.14 - Sweden - Auto-Gyro MTOsport - SE-VRL - Take off accident resulting in the gyro rolling over and sliding along the ground. It is suggested that the pilot did not monitor rotor RPM and was unable to correct a yaw to the left before rolling over. 

June 2014 5th - Noskowie, near Slupsk, Poland - Brako Gyro - 33-ALK - the gyrocopter crashed during take off from a narrow public road in a rural location.  The Brako gyro rolled over into a ditch - the pilot was rescued by a local resident. Extensive damage caused to the mast and blades. The pilot is said to be German. The gyrocopter appears to have a French Dept registration. 

News link to Brako accident 5.6.14

140528 - Dahlem-Binz airfield, Germany - Rotortec Cloud Dancer CD2 - D-MIKU -  the gyrocopter was completely destroyed by fire at the airfield. The 71 year old pilot suffered serious injuries. The news report suggest the gyrocopter was almost brand new. It is unclear if this was a flying accident ( unfall ) or a ground accident.

News Link for gyrocopter accident at Dahlem 28 May

Another News link to gyro accident at Dahlem Binz

May 26 14 - Weaverville airfield, California, USA - Modified Bensen gyro  - Fatal accident. The pilot was seriously injured in a gyrocopter crash whilst taxying the gyrocopter at the airfield. The pilot was not wearing a helmet and suffered head injuries when the gyro rolled over. The gyrocopter is said to have never been flown. The 70 year old pilot subsequently died of his injuries in hospital. Local media name the pilot as Philip E Watkins.

Thanks to RWF for additional info about this incident.

 photo courtesy Trinity Journal

News link to accident 26th May

22nd May 2014 - Bremgarten airfield, Germany - unknown gyro type - D-M........  - The student pilot had completed a solo flight and landed. With the engine still running wires from the headphones are said to have got caught on controls that caused the gyro to accelerate and then roll over. The pilot was unhurt. The gyro suffered major damage.

News link to gyrocopter accident at Bremgarten 22.5.14

19 May 2014 - Grasmere Farm strip, Eastern Cape, South Africa - Auto-Gyro Calidus - ZU-RKT  and Auto-Gyro MTOsport ZU-RBJ -  After landing at a private farm the Calidus ZU-RKT collided with a parked MTOsport ZU-RBJ. Both gyrocopters rolled over and sustained substantial damage.   A photo shows damage to the propeller and rotor on the Calidus with unknown damage to the MTOsport.  The SA CAA say "The pilot reported that during landing, his gyroplane swung to the right and he was unable to correct his direction away from the parked gyrocopter."

Source - Jankelow and SA CAA

May 17 14 - Lady Grey area, South Africa - Auto-Gyro MT-03 - ZU-REI - The gyrocopter crashed shortly after take-off from a farm strip and was completely burnt out by a post impact fire. The pilot was injured in the accident.  The SA CAA say "According to the pilot after lift-off, at a height of approximately 150 ft, the engine lost power and the aircraft couldn’t maintain height"

Source - Jankelowand SA CAA

April 30  - Springs airfield ( FASI ) , South Africa - ELA 08 - ZU-RCO - The take-off was uneventful. The student landed back on runway 32, while taxing to the hangar the student pilot applied left rudder to turn left while the rotor rpm was slightly high and the gyrocopter tipped over to its right hand side.

Source - SA CAA

23rd April 14 - Malung airfield, Sweden  - Auto-Gyro MT-03 - SE-VJM - The gyrocopter was being flown by alone by a student practising touch and goes. After several successful touch and goes a gust of wind from the left as the gyro rotated to lift off again caused the gyro to roll on to its side.

April 19th 2014 - Kiruna airfield ( ESNQ ), Sweden - Trixy Aviation G4-2R - SE-VRX - The gyrocopter crashed during take off rolling onto its side and sliding for approx 30m. It is suggested that the pilot did not acheive enough rotor RPM to meet the head wind to prevent blade flapping.  A news report says "A gyrocopter that was about to start crashed at Kiruna airport this morning at 7:00. Gyrocopter was on the runway when it tipped and went into the hill and the rotor blades struck the ground. According to emergency management in Kiruna, it was probably the wind cause of the accident."

News link to gyrocopter accident at Kiruna April 2014 

17 4 14  - Mannheim airport, Germany - Auto-Gyro Cavalon - D-M....... - The gyrocopter crashed a few seconds after take off, crashing onto the runway. The pilot from Luxembourg is believed to have minor injuries. The wreckage of the orange coloured gyrocopter was taken away on a flat trailer with undercarriage, tail and rotor damage.

News link for accident at Mannheim 170414

News link with photo of damaged Cavalon at Mannheim 170414

April 15th - Blouberg Farm, Melkbosstrand, Western Cape, South Africa - Magni M-16 Tandem Trainer - ZU-EDB - Fatal accident. The pilot is believed to have taken off from the airfield at Morningstar.  The pilot was the holder of a commercial pilot license and was completing a conversion onto a gyrocopter prior to the accident. Local farmers reported seeing smoke rising from the veld and called the fire service.  Fire crews discovered a burning gyrocopter. The deceased pilot is said to be aged in his early twenties.

News link to fatal gyrocopter accident 150414

April 2014 - Lipetsk, Russia - RA-0144A - Auto-Gyro Calidus - the gyrocopter hit street power cables before hitting a rooftop and falling onto parked cars in the town. News reports says the pilot encountered a gust of wind whilst trying to land. The gyrocopter and a parked car were extensively damaged.

News link to Calidus accident in Lipetsk April 2014

30.3.2014 - Sendelbach, Bamberg, Germany - D-MSJN - Trixy G4-2R - werk 024 - the Trixy gyrocopter crashed into a water filled ditch alongside the perimeter of the airfield. The pilot was taken to hospital with injuries. News reports suggest the Trixy gyro accelerated across the airfield possibly straight after starting the engine - photos show no apparent damage to the rotors. The nose of the gyro impacted the bank of the ditch.

photo courtesy Bayern Police

News link to Trixy gyrocopter accident 30.3.14

Police press release about Trixy gyro accident 30th March

Link to offical German BFU accident report into Trixy gyrocopter accident 30.3.14

March 27 2014 - Napolen Farm, Dwaalboom, Limpopo, South Africa - ZU-RIF - RAF SA 2000 GTX SE FI - c/n 032 - during take off the pilot reported a sudden loss of engine power just as the RAF 2000 gyrocopter rotated to lift off. The pilot made a precautionary landing on a gravel road. The gyrocopter rolled over as the pilot applied the brakes.

Source SA CAA and Jankelow

16th March - Brundee, near Nowra, New South Wales, Australia - G-511 - Advanced Kinetics Gyroz - Fatal - the gyrocopter crashed into a paddock killing the 66 year old pilot. Local media name the pilot as Ken Wilkinson.

Advanced Kinetics Gyroz G-511

5th March  - Lydd airfield, Kent, UK - Auto-Gyro Cavalon - G-RDNY - the gyrocopter crashed during take off. The pilot received minor injuries.

The following details are from the pilot  "I was given clearance to depart runway 21 with a right hand turn out, I lined up set rpm @ 2000 pre-rotated to 220 rpm engine 4000 rpm,
I then released the brake increased power to gain 50mph prior to raising the nose , (what I did not do was pull the stick back immediately) after
Releasing the brakes , I was trans fixed on the ASI to reach 50mph for a smooth take off, the speed increased very quickly I raised the nose with a very small movement
The nose rose almost to the vertical , the keel and tail were detached by the impact , the gyro then climbed approx 10ft higher then rolled right then back on itself
The rotors then hit the concrete runway 1st which reduced the rate of decent of the cockpit, the cockpit then hit the runway pilot side on.""

The UK AAIB accident report concludes "The student pilot used an incorrect takeoff technique and lost control of the gyroplane as it became airborne. The gyroplane struck the runway and came to rest on its side, suffering extensive damage. The student pilot, who was uninjured, vacated the gyroplane without assistance."

News link to gyrocopter accident at Lydd 5.3.14 

Link to official UK AAIB accident report for G-RDNY

28.2.14 - Near Stonehill Farm, Crafordjohn, Lanarkshire, Scotland - Auto-Gyro MTOsport - G-GSMT -  The UK AAIB report concludes "One or more seagulls struck the propeller when the aircraft was flying at a height of 500 ft agl. The propeller was damaged and this caused severe vibration, which necessitated a reduction to idle power. During the subsequent forced landing, avoiding action had to be taken when wires were spotted just prior to touchdown. The aircraft landed upright in a shallow river but the rotors struck the far river bank and the aircraft rolled onto its side. The occupants made their own escape and were not injured."  UPDATE this gyro was cancelled by the CAA in September 2014.

Link to full  UK AAIB report for gyrocopter accident 28.2.14

February 25 2014 - Trier airfield, Germany - Celier Aviation Xenon  - 57-BJA ( French ) - The gyrocopter crashed during take off causing extensive damage  - see photo on link below

News link to Xenon accident at Trier Feb 2014

Feb 15th 14 - Kitty Hawk, South Africa - ZU-RKC - Auto-Gyro Cavalon - during flight the pilot noticed the water temperature gauge showed an excessive temperature. The pilot made a precautionary landing during which the gyrocopter rolled over and caught fire.

Source - Jankelow

18.1.14 - Kempten-Durach airfield, Germany - D-MFWA  - Auto-Gyro MTOsport - the gyrocopter crashed during landing at EDMK.  News reports suggest that the gyro cartwheeled several times after the blades hit the ground. The pilot was seriously injured and taken to hospital.

News link to MT-03 accident at Kempten 18.1.14

News link to MT-03 gyro accident at EDMK 18.1.14

Link to photo of MTOsport D-MFWA 

16th January 2014 - Hooks airport, Harris county, Spring, Texas, USA - N250TX - Auto-Gyro MTOsport - the gyrocopter operated by the Tomball Police Dept rolled over whilst taxying just after leaving the runway following a landing. The pilot and observer were uninjured. The gyrocopter has damage to the blades, rotor mast and tail.

Part of the NTSB report states,  "The pilot reported that as he was reaching forward to change the pneumatic mode selector button from "Flight" to "Brake," a strong gust of wind from the west lifted the gyrocopter. The right wheel came off the ground allowing the main rotor blade to strike the runway surface. The pilot attempted to straighten the gyroplane, but it veered off the runway and rolled onto its right side, resulting in substantial damage to the empennage and main rotor"

N250TX - Tomball Police Dept MTOsport

News link to Tomball Police gyrocopter accident 16.1.14

Link to video footage of MTOsport accident at Hooks, Texas 16.1.14

NTSB factual report for N250TX accident 16.1.14

6th January 2014 - Hughenden, Queensland, Australia - Celier Aviation Xenon - During the approach to Hughenden aerodrome in Queensland, the Xenon gyrocopter lost speed and subsequently collided with trees. The aircraft was substantially damaged.

January 5th 2014 - Liernu, Eghezee, Belgium - French Registration - 51-UH - Auto-Gyro MT-03 - Fatal accident - the gyrocopter crashed into a ploughed field in front of a group of spectators. Witnesses said the gyrocopter fell from a height of approx 150m as the pilot displayed. Local media named the pilot as Daniel Luypaert.

Link to news story about MT-03 accident in Belgium 5.1.14

1st Jan 2014 - Ebro, northern Florida - USA - N388HS - Sportcopter Vortex. The pilot was flying the Vortex along a runway when the gyrocopter developed engine problems, possibly a stuck throttle at a height of approx 40 feet. With trees and wires ahead the pilot turned sharply back. The gyro impacted the ground and rolled. The pilot escapred with minor injuries but the gyrocopter was written off.

Link to Rotary Wing Forum thread where the pilot talks about the accident

Photo link to Sportcopter Vortex N388HS


30th December 2013 - Tragwein, Freistadt, Austria - D-MAIV - Auto-Gyro MTOsport - the gyrocopter appears to have rolled over on landing in a field with a slope. The rotor blades detached and the propeller shows sign of damage.

The pilot and passenger survived the accident although the passenger was flown by air ambulance to a local hospital.

Link to news story about gyrocopter accident in Austria on 30th December 2013

Dec 28th 2013 - Graveley airfield, Hertfordshire, UK - G-PAFF Auto-Gyro MTOsport - the UK AAIB summary reports "The pilot had just landed from a previous flight and repositioned the aircraft for an immediate takeoff. As he pulled the control column back and advanced the throttle he felt a heavy jolt through the controls. He immediately aborted the takeoff and stopped the aircraft to assess the situation. It became clear that the rotor blades had struck and damaged the top of the rudder. The rotor strike was caused by an excessive rearward tilt of the rotor disc, due to insufficient rotor speed combined with the acceleration of the aircraft."

Read the official UK AAIB report ( see the PDF file ) for MTOsport G-PAFF 28.12.13

21st December 2013 - Kinglake national park, Dixons Creek, Victoria - Fatal accident - a two seat gyrocopter ( possibly an MT-03 / MTOsport ? ) crashed during a scenic flight having taken off from Dixons Creek. The pilot and tourist passenger were both killed in the crash in the high ground of Kingslake. The gyrocopter was operated by Yarra Valley Flightsports. Local media name the pilot as Reg Thaggard and the 18 year old passenger as Jordan Pang from Singapore.

Link to news report for fatal gyroplane accident in Victoria 21.12.13

Link to another news report for gyrocopter crash 21.12.13

Link to Yarra Valley Flightsports

December 21st 2013 - Springs aerodrome, South Africa - ZU-RWS - ELA 08 gyro -

On the threshold at Springs aerodrome, during take-off roll the gyroplane skidded and flipped on its left hand side. Details from South African CAA

December 18th 2013 - Springs aerodrome, South Africa - ZU-RKI - RAFSA 2000 gyro -

During landing on the runway at Napoleon farm, the aircraft lost directional control of the aircraft and it rolled over. Details from South African CAA

15th December 2013 - RAF 2000 - near Kingaray, Queensland, Australia - During cruise, the gyrocopter developed severe airframe oscillations and the pilot conducted a precautionary landing on a road. The rotor head was overhauled - source ATSB

2nd December 2013 - Coulommiers-Mouroux, Seine-Marne ( Dept 77 ), France - ELA gyrocopter - 34-AHF -  Fatal accident.  The gyrocopter was being used for instruction and crashed at the local airfield. Both the student and the instructor pilot were killed.

News link to fatal accident at Coulommiers 2.12.13

November 27th 2013 - Vereeniging airport, South Africa - ZU-DXB - Sycamore gyro - While performing right hand circuits on runway 03, the pilot stated that on downwind of the third circuit the engine died. Details from South African CAA

27.11.13 - Sochazew airfield, Poland - SP-YTS - IL I-28 tractor gyroplane - The prototype of this new modern tractor gyroplane was making its third flight. The gyroplane crashed adjacent to the runway after turning into a headwind. The accident report says the cause of the accident was insufficient directional stability at low speed.  It is unclear if this tractor gyro project will continue.

SP-YTS I-28 tractor gyrocopter prototype

16th November 2013 - Chambers County airport, Anahuac, Texas - Dragonfly - N975DF - Fatal accident. The rotorhead and blades separated from the single seat gyrocopter whilst being flown at a height of approx 200 feet over Anahuac airfield. The gyrocopter crashed into an adjacent field and caught fire. The pilot was killed.

 Dragonfly N975DF

The preliminary NTSB states ""Witnesses told a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) inspector they saw the rotor head separate in flight. The pilot had recently installed the rotor head, and preliminary reports indicate the rotor head bearing block was installed upside down.""

Local media name the pilot as Steve Weir, President of PRA Chapter 62.

Link to preliminary NTSB accident report for Dragonfly gyrocopter at Anahuac, TX

News report for gyrocopter crash at Anahuac Texas 16.11.13


10th November 2013 - Lubbuck airport, Texas, USA - Groen Sparrowhawk II - N130SW - the gyrocopter suffered a landing accident.

20th October 2013 - Festus airport, Missouri, USA - Parsons two seater - N7064U - The gyrocopter is said to have crashed at the airport from a height of approx 20 feet up with a pilot and a passenger on board. One had to be rescued from the wreckage by emergency services and is now in hospital with back injuries. 

News link to gyrocopter accident at Festus 20.10.13

News link to gyrocopter accident at Festus 20.10.13

UPDATE  - The NTSB accident report published Dec 2013 states ""The sport pilot reported that days prior to the accident flight, he adjusted the propeller and re-installed it without testing its performance. On the accident flight, he departed the runway and remained in ground effect until he reached 50 mph, then began a climb. As he flew the gyroplane to the south, the surrounding terrain elevation decreased and the pilot thought he was climbing. The engine was operating about 6,300 rpm and the airspeed was 40 mph; the engine develops maximum horsepower at 6,750 rpm and the best climb speed is 45 mph. The pilot initiated a left turn to land in a field or back at the airport, but the wind pushed the gyroplane and the pilot lost control. The gyroplane impacted the ground and sustained substantial damage to the tube frame, vertical tail, and rotor blades. The pilot reported no preimpact mechanical malfunctions or failures that would have precluded normal operation.""

Link to NTSB accident for gyrocopter accident at Festus, MS 

October 17th 2013 - Limpopo, NW of Mokopane aerodrome, South Africa - ZU-EUI - Sycamore gyro - During flight, the pilot and the passenger heard a sudden loud noise. Details from South African CAA

12th October 2013 - Sumter airport ( KSMS ), South Carolina, USA - RFD Dominator single seat - N42957 - the gyrocopter was being prepared for flight - the pilot was struck on the legs by the propeller after the gyro jumped its chocks - the pilot may have accidentally knocked the throttle whilst outside the cockpit. The empty gyrocopter continued taxying until it hit a perimeter fence and turned over. The pilot was taken to hospital with injuries to his legs.

Link to gyrocopter accident at Sumter, SC, USA 12.10.13

7th October 13 - Paraje, Las Minas de Hellin, Albacete, Spain - Magni M16 - EC-GE9 - the gyrocopter was written off after hitting overhead power lines.

1st October 2013 - Trith-Saint-Leger near Valenciennes, France - Guepard II XJ01 gyrocopter - registration unknown - the gyrocopter crashed onto the roof of a building in the town centre - local media suggest that the engine had failed. The pilot received multiple fractures and cuts and was taken to hospital.

News link to gyrocopter crash on 1.10.13

More info about the Guepard II XJ01 gyrocopter here

26th September 2013 - Front Range airport ( KFTG ), Denver, Colorado, USA - Dominator gyro - N728PJ - The single seat Dominator gyrocopter crashed at the airport during take off - the gyrocopter cartwheeled and the pilot received major injuries.

News link to Dominator accident 26.9.13

The NTSB report states, "During the takeoff roll, the pilot stated that the cyclic control slipped out of his hand, followed by an abrupt pitch up of the gyroplane. After becoming airborne for a brief time, the gyroplane descended tail first onto the runway and then cartwheeled several times, coming to rest on its right side. The pilot reported no preaccident mechanical malfunctions or failures with the gyroplane that would have precluded normal operation.
The National Transportation Safety Board determines the probable cause(s) of this accident to be:
The pilot's loss of control of the gyroplane during takeoff roll, following his inadvertent release of the cyclic control."

Link to NTSB report for Dominator gyrocopter accident 26.9.13


22nd September 2013 - Mazeppa Bay, South Africa - ZU-ERT - Auto-Gyro MT-03 - during climb out with two on board the gyrocopter suddenly descended when at approx 30m and could not gain altitude. The pilot tried to accelerate down into a neighbouring valley, passed under a power line but was boxed in by more power lines and the valley side so made a forced landing. The gyrocopter cartwheeled on landing but both pilot and passenger were able to walk away from the accident. Subsequently after downloading the controller it was discovered that approx 11 seconds after takeoff started the computer opened the engine wastegate leaving the pilot with just 91% power from the 115% expected.  The problem was traced to a faulty component in the turbo protection system.

22nd September 2013 - Montpelier airpark, near Townsville, Queensland, Australia - A Magni gyrocopter was hit by a wallaby during its take off roll  - the wallaby was killed, the gyrocopter was damaged as it rolled over - the pilot escaped unhurt.

2013.9.13 - Peak to Peak Highway, Colorado, USA - N519SG - Magni M16 Tandem Trainer - the gyrocopter landed on the Peak to Peak Highway facing oncoming traffic between Gold Hill and Nederland. Drivers swerved to avoid the gyrocopter. The gyrocopter is said to have bounced hard on landing. The pilot and passenger brought the gyro to rest on the shoulder of the highway. News report shows a photo of the Magni gyro parked on the roadside. Nederland has an altitude of over 2,000m ( approx 8,000+ feet ).  The pilot may have encountered a mountain down draft.

News link to accident in Colorado 13.9.13 

Comments on Rotary Wing Forum about this incident

11th September 2013 - La Aldea de San Nicolás, El Pinillo, Gran Canaria, Spain  - Airbet Girabet II Sport - EC-GC1 -  Fatal accident -  the gyrocopter crashed shortly after take off hiting a building and burst into flames. The pilot was killed and the female passenger suffered multiple burns.

News link to Spanish gyrocopter accident 11.9.13

Second News link to accident 11.9.13

8th September 2013 - Brits area, South Africa - Auto-Gyro MTOsport - ZU-RGL - During approach for landing the gyro experienced windshear which resulted in height loss - the gyrocopter hit vegetation on final approach. - source SA CAA

5th September 2013 - Baragwanath airfield, South Africa - Auto-Gyro Calidus - ZU-RHE - the gyrocopter rolled over during landing  - source SA CAA

.......  August 2013 - near Alberville, Savoie, France - Auto-Gyro MTOsport - registration ......-VH - The gyrocopter was flying in a mountainous area ( peaks approx 1,500m ). An out field landing was made on sloping terrain and an undercarriage wheel of the gyrocopter went into a hole - the gyro tipped over. The damaged gyro was later removed by helicopter as an underslung load.

Link to forum with photos of MTOsport accident August 2013

31st August 2013 - Scappoose Airpark, Scappoose, Oregon, USA - Sport Copter Vortex - N43259 - Fatal accident. The pilot is said to have been undertaking training along the runway at the airfield before gaining some height and flying beyond the airfield perimeter. Control was lost and the gyrocopter crashed nearby killing the pilot. Local media have named the pilot as Jim LaFayette.

Link to NTSB Preliminary Vortex accident report 31.8.13

News link to Sportcopter Vortex accident on 31.8.13

News update to Sport Copter Vortex accident at Scappoose, OR 31.8.13

20th August 2013 - Fisantekraal airfield ( FAFK ), near Durbanville, South Africa - Magni M16 Tandem Trainer - ZU-CVH - the gyrocopter crashed and rolled over during take off causing minor injuries to the pilot and passenger.

News link to Magni M16 accident 20.8.13

13th August 2013 - Montelimar airfield, France - DTA J-RO - registration unknown - the orange DTA J-RO gyrocopter crashed during take off at the airfield. The gyrocopter ended up on its port side. The pilot was removed by emergency services and taken to hospital with injuries to his shoulder and arm.

News link to DTA J-RO accident at Montelimar on 13.8.13

9th August 2013 - Moelan sur Mer, Morbihan, Britany, France - Celier Aviation Xenon - the Xenon was on a flight from Lann Bihoue to Concarneau when the engine faltered. The gyrocopter descended from approx 500ft and landed onto rocks along the estuary of the river Merrien. The pilot and passenger were not injured - the Xenon gyro was recovered ahead of the incoming tide.  The pilot is quoted as saying ( Google translation )  ""Apparently, an oil line would have broken: witnesses saw a plume of black smoke behind the camera. I kept it as long as possible in the air to drop to fall vertically and ask ourselves flat on the rocks, to avoid rollover.""

News link to Xenon accident 9.8.13

Photos of Xenon being carried from the rocks 9.8.13

26th July 2013 - Drummondville, Quebec, Canada - C-GMUI - Auto-Gyro Calidus - During take off the gyrocopter rolled over to the left,  skidded off the tarmac runway and onto the grass to the left. The main undercarriage detached from the fuselage. The rotor blades were badly damaged. The pilot was able to exit via the large cut outs in the summer style canopy. The pilot suffered injuries to his left elbow.

13th July 2013 - near Wietmarshen, Lower Saxony, Germany - D-MANL - Celier Aviation Xenon G2 - the pilot of the gyrocopter reported a loud bang whilst in flight, a loss of control and made a successful emergency landing beside a narrow forest track. The pilot escaped with minor injuries. This Xenon was delivered new in June 2013 one of a small batch of three Xenon G2 built by the new Celier Aviation ( 2012 ) and had flown 9 flight hours at the time of the accident.

Update - The BFU Accident report was published in October 2013 - Link to BFU Report here

Photo courtesy NWM TV

News link to Xenon accident 13.7.13

12th July 2013 - Bryansk, Russia - Auto-Gyro Calidus - RA-0038A - Fatal - the yellow gyrocopter is believed to have hit powerlines across the river Desna before crashing into the water. Two persons on board. The pilot was rescued, the body of the passenger was recovered some hours later.  The TV report below shows the wires to be maybe about 10m above the ground.

Link to Russian TV report relating to the accident on 12.7.13

8th July 2013 - Monastir-Pin-Mories, Lozere, Dept 48, France - gyro type unknown - Fatal accident the gyrocopter hit power lines and crashed to the ground killing the pilot and the passenger.

30th June 2013 - Casaleggio airfield, Italy - DTA J-RO - French registered - the gyrocopter was part of a group touring the region. During take off ( believed with a passenger and luggage ) the J-RO failed to climb more than a few meters. The pilot turned the gyro through 180 degrees but sink continued and the gyrocopter hit the grass airfield. The rotors hit the ground with the mast breaking off - the gyro ended up on its side. The gyro was powered by a Rotax 914 engine.

DTA J-RO accident at Casaleggio, Italy 30.6.13

28th June 2013 - Dakenba, Queensland, Australia - Gyrocopter crashed near Dakenba in Western Queensland ( approx 130km from Gladstone ) - the pilot is described as in a critical condition after the gyro hit power cables.   The ATSB summary says a Modified Dominator gyrocopter struck an unseen spur line before colliding with terrain. The gyrocopter was destroyed and the pilot was seriously injured. The pilot was conducting a precautionary landing to check the operation of the gyrocopter’s engine cooling system

News link to accident at Dakenba QLD 28.6.13

18th June 2013 -  Mount Elliott area, Queensland , Australia -  ELA 08 gyrocopter - The ATSB summary states the pilot and passenger of an ELA Tandem gyrocopter were flying from an airfield south-east of Townsville, Qld to a farm to have lunch. On the return trip, they flew via a waterfall at Mount Elliott, about 25 km southeast of Townsville. The pilot reported that on flying up to the waterfall area, he realised that he was a bit low and decided to make a left turn and increase throttle to maximum. As he applied full power, the slipper clutch malfunctioned resulting in a loss of rotor revolutions per minute (RPM). The gyrocopter’s airspeed started to reduce rapidly and the gyrocopter began to sink. Due to a ridge in front of the aircraft, the pilot decided to make a forced landing in a wooded gully. The aircraft landed upright on a log in a thick, vined tree canopy, but the pilot broke his leg in the accident. The pilot had an emergency locator transmitter (ELT) which he activated, and was able to contact search and rescue via mobile telephone to organise aeromedical retrieval.

ATSB ref 201306820

16th June 2013 - Gunnedah airfield, New South Wales, Australia - Xenon gyrocopter take off incident at Gunnedah,  New South Wales - media reports mention a "cable malfunction" resulting in an emergency landing as the gyro departed from an airshow at Gunnedah.

Photo below shows the incident on 16.6.13 at Gunnedah NSW

11th June 2013 - Chiltern Air Park, Oxfordshire, England, UK - Auto-Gyro Cavalon - G-CIAT - the gyrocopter rolled over during landing. The official UK AAIB report states "The gyroplane veered left after landing and rolled over onto its right side. The student pilot attributed the accident to inputting left rudder and putting the stick forward too quickly, and hence not allowing the energy to dissipate. There were no injuries."

Link to UK AAIB Cavalon accident report 11.6.13

7th June 2013 ( date TBC ) Kupferberg, Windhoek, Namibia - Magni M-22 - V5-...... - the gyrocopter took at 4.19pm from the airfield at Eros ( FYWE ) and crashed just four minutes later. The pilot and passenger were seriously injured.

Link to newspaper report for gyro accident June 2013 in Namibia

1st June 2013 - near Hebron, Maryland, MD, USA - Air Command gyro - the pilot states the gyrocopter was being flown at 30 feet above ground level and at 40 knots indicated airspeed. The gyro started to lose altitude and a gust dropped him down to just 5 feet above ground level before impacting into a ploughed field. The Air Command gyro rolled over with damage to the blades, propeller and mast. The pilots seat belt also tore during the accident. 

31st May 2013 - Avontuur private airstrip - South Africa - RAF 2000 GTX SE FI - ZU-RHO - the RAF 2000 gyrocopter lost directional control during take off due to a sudden cross wind and veered off the runway and nosed over in the process

29th May 2013 - Senozet airport, Slovenia - Trixy G4-2 - S5-JPR - Fatal  - the Trixy gyrocopter      ( Žirokopter ) crashed at the airfield at Senozet killing the 37 year old pilot. One eye witness has suggested that the gyrocopter failed to recover from an impromptu enthusiastic aerial display.

News link to fatal Trixy gyrocopter accident 29.5.13

Witness report of fatal gyrocopter accident 29.5.13

28th May 2013 - Saint Lambert, Quebec, Canada - DTA J-Ro - C-GNJO - c/n 07- fatal accident. The gyrocopter had just taken off from the airfield at Saint Lambert and had climbed approx 100-200 feet. The pilot was under instruction from the ground by radio. Officials from TSB will investigate the accident. This yellow DTA J-Ro was powered by a Rotax 914 and was delivered new to Canada in February 2013. Local media name the pilot as Norman Giroux.

News link to fatal gyrocopter accident in Canada 28.5.13

26th May 2013 - near Nieuwoudtsville, South Africa - RAF 2000 GTX SE FI - ZU-DTD - fatal accident. The aircraft was en route with another gyrocopter heading to Loeriesfontein at approx 1,500 ft. Radio communication between the two gyrocopters was poor becoming unreadable. The lead gyrocopter turned to view the second gyro but couldn't see it. A return along the path of flight found no trace of the second gyrocopter. The crash site was located by ground vehicles. The South African CAA are investigating the accident. The deceased pilot has been named locally as George Joubert.


UPDATE - the official SA CAA report concludes that the probable cause was that the pilot suffered a heart attack whilst flying 

Link to video of RAF 2000 ZU-DTD

Link to SA CAA Report - go to 2013 accidents - Report 9177

3rd May 2013 - near Mettetal airport, Canton, Michigan, MI, USA  - Gyrobee gyrocopter - emergency landing onto a road near the airport  - local news report says "The one-person aircraft had just taken off from Mettetal Airport in Canton Township when it landed on Ann Arbor Trail near Butternut Avenue, which is just west of I-275, around 1 p.m., officials said.Police Chief Tom Tiderington said the male pilot avoided hitting any vehicles on the road, and the gyrocopter was quickly moved to the side of the road. Ann Arbor Trail did not have to be closed to traffic, the chief said." - the pilot suggests the incident was caused by an engine out with the HKS-700 engine. 

Link to news story about gyro incident 3.5.13

April/May 2013 - Minnesota, USA - open single seat gyro - the gyrocpter crashed just seconds after a prolonged take off run. A video on Youtube appears to show a crosswind take off on an uphill slope with insufficient main rotor speed, behind the power curve.

Link to Youtube video of accident in Minnesota April/May 2013

29th April 2013 - Valkaria airport, Palm Bay, Brevard county, Florida, USA - RFD Dominator - N85KY - fatal accident. The pilot was flying early morning when the crash happened at approx 07.45 local time. The gyro impacted the runway near a parked Cessna killing the gyro pilot. Local media report the pilot as Scott Adair.

News link to fatal gyrocopter accident on 29.4.13

News link to gyro crash at Valkaria 29.4.13

NTSB - Preliminary accident report for fatal Dominator accident 29.4.13

15th April 2013 - near Pofadder, Onseepkans, South Africa - Auto-Gyro MTOsport - ZU-REB - the gyro crashed in the Augrabies area of Northern Cape area after suffering control problems. This gyro was one of six taking part in a tour of the region at the time. The SA CAA report states the pilot experienced a down draught near Augrabies and collided with terrain resulting in substantial damage to the gyrocopter - see photo below.

News Link to accident of ZU-REB in South Africa 15.4.13

News Link to accident in South Africa on 15.4.13

12th April 2013 - Northern Cape, South Africa - Auto-Gyro MT-03 - ZU-REI - the pilot experienced a rough running engine whilst in flight and made a precautionary out field landing.

10th April 2013 - Wickenby airfield, Lincolnshire, England, UK - Auto-Gyro Calidus - G-CGMD - The Calidus crashed during take off. The official UK AAIB report states ""Whilst attempting to take off the pilot applied aft control stick in order to raise the nosewheel. A 'hammering' vibration occurred and the aircraft veered to the left, off the runway, coming to rest on its side. It was concluded that the rotor rpm may have reduced as a result of the pilot not having held the stick fully aft during the takeoff roll; this may then have caused retreating blade stall.""

Link to UK AAIB report - more details on their PDF - 

....April 2013 - location unknown, Germany?Trixy G4-2R - D-MZTR - c/n 009 - Accident more details please ?

8th March 2013 - between Leidringen and Dautmergen, Germany - Trixy G4-2R - D-MIXR - c/n 016 - Fatal accident - the gyrocopter crashed into a densely wooded hillside killing the pilot approx 2,200ft AMSL. The wrecked airframe appears to be substantially complete and did not burst into flames upon impact. The Trixy G4-2R is a new gyro design and gained German Type Certification in 2012. This Trixy G4 gyro was delivered new to the pilot in November 2012. At the time of the accident this Trixy had flown just 3 flight hours. The deceased pilot has been named in local media reports as Markus Friedrich.

The BFU report refers to an earlier accident for this very same gyro. Part of the canopy was found some 200m before the main wreckage - why ? 

Photo courtesy of the Balingen Police

News Link to Trixy gyro accident in Germany on 8.3.13

Link to German BFU accident report for Trixy gyrocopter accident 8.3.13 - see Page 33

4th February 2013 - Montrose, Georgia, GA, USA - SparrowHawk - N4201S - The pilot and student were flying a night training flight at approx 06.45 when an engine problem ( Subaru )  caused an emergency forced landing during which the rotors hit power lines. The pilot Steve McCowan and student survived the accident with minor injuries.

Link to FAA register record for Sparrow Hawk N4201S

Link to NTSB preliminary report for Sparrowhawk gyro accident 4.2.13

Link to news coverage report for Sparrowhawk N4201S

29th January 2013 - Westminster, Maryland, MD, USA - Air Command- N393GX - the gyrocopter apparently struck power cables before crashing into a nearby field near Clearview Airpark Airport. The pilot received minor injuries.

 Photo credit to


FAA Register record for gyro N393GX

WBALTV News Link to gyro accident 29.1.13

Link to NTSB accident report for Air Command N393GX on 29.1.13

28th January 2013 - Gainesville, Texas, TX, USA - Dominator 2 seat - N4844W -  new build gyrocopter registered as a "Webb 2" crashed during a turn over the airfield. Pilot John Webb received minor injuries 

FAA Register record for gyro N4844W

Link to NTSB preliminary report for Dominator gyro accident 28.1.13  

26-1-13 - Valdemorillo, near Madrid, Spain - ELA 07 R-115 - EC-EU9 - Fatal accident - the gyrocopter broke up in flight. The weather was described as winds gusting to 80 km/h between 5,000ft - 10,000ft.

Link to official Spanish accident summary - see report 001

23rd January 2013 - Kirkbride airfield, Cumbria, England, UK  - G-CGJD - Auto-Gyro Calidus -
The UK AAIB report states "The pilot was landing the gyroplane on Runway 10 at Kirkbride Airfield, in fine weather and light wind conditions. He executed the flare slightly early, causing the gyroplane to enter an extended float just above the runway. It then dropped to the surface, bounced and rolled over to the right" The pilot escaped with minor injuries.

Link to UK AAIB offical report for accident 23.1.13


28th December 2012 - Mtunzini beach, South Africa - MT-03 / MTOsport gyro - engine problem and emergency force landing into sea shoreline - both occupants able to swim to the beach.  Gyro recovered from the sea by tractor.

News link to gyrocopter accident 28.12.12

23rd December 2012 - Wellton, Yuma, Arizona, USA - N618TC Sportcopter Vortex c/n 020 - Fatal accident pilot Doug Goodman - NTSB investigating.

News link to fatal gyrocopter accident near Wellton, Arizona, USA 23.12.12

FAA listing for Sportcopter N618TC

Link to photo of Sportcopter Vortex N618TC

16th December 2012 - near Bad Durkheim, Germany - Trixy G4-2R - D-MDGS - werk 002 - the gyrocopter made an emergency landing into a vineyard after a possible engine failure. The pilot was uninjured but the gyrocopter is believed to be written off.  Mid winter was carburettor icing an issue?

Link to German news link for accident 16.12.12

14th December 2012 - Feilding airfield, New Zealand - RAF 2000 GTX - ZK-RCG - a summary from the NZ CAA says  - The gyrocopter rolled over while taxiing over rutted ground damaging the rotors, propeller and rotor mast.

...December 2012 - Mangena Game Lodge, South Africa - ZU-CCN Chayair Sycamore c/n SYCA 0009 - Gyrocopter hit power lines during attempted forced landing.

29th October 2012 - Var, Provence, France - Fatal - gyrocopter hit electricity power cables across a valley, crashed and burned out - 1 fatality - gyro type uncertain but possibly a Calidus

News link to fatal accident in France 29.10.12

29th October 2012 - Miami, Texas, USA - N621WC - Aurora Butterfly  - take off accident involving the use of pre-rotator system, the gyrocopter flipped over

Photo link to Auroa Butterfly N621WC

News link here for Aurora Butterfly accident 29.10.12

24th October 2012 - Tauranga Bay, New Zealand - ZK-XEN - Celier Aviation Xenon  - The gyrocopter lost power at 150m shortly after take-off from Tauranga Airport and ditched into shallow sea water 200m off shore. The two on board were able to wade ashore.  This is the second gyro to ditch at this location in 2012.  The Xenon gyrocopter is under re-build in 2013.

News link to Xenon accident 24.10.12

News link SunLive to Xenon accident 24.10.12

The NZ CAA accident summary report states, 

""The gyrocopter took off on Runway 34 at Tauranga, and made an early left turn at the request of the tower controller. During the turn, the airspeed decayed from 55 to 45 knots and the climb turned into a descent. The pilot made a further left turn to get back over land, and during this turn, the aircraft landed heavily in the bay, about 300 metres from shore. Neither of the two occupants was injured.""

Link to NZ CAA report into accident of 24.10.12

20th October 2012 - Bourland, Cresson, Texas, USA - N589DH - Auto-Gyro MTOSport - gyro crashed during touch and go whilst circuit training. Pilot Don Hunthrop injured.

Photo Credit: John Pellizzari / WFAA

Newspaper link to accident on 20.10.12 of MTOsport gyro N589DH 

LINK to official NTSB accident report re N589DH on 20.10.12

9th October 2012 - Medina-Sidonia, Spain - EC-ZKI - ELA 07 - gyro overturned during an emergency landing after flight controls believed to be have jammed shortly after take off. Pilot injured.

Photo Link to images of EC-ZKI

29th September 2012 - Shoreham airport, West Sussex, UK - G-ETOJ - Auto-Gyro Calidus - take off accident, pilot taken to hospital - UK AAIB report suggests the pilot over rotated on take off with the main blades striking the ground.

Link to official UK AAIB accident report for gyrocopter accident 29.9.12

Addendum - UK AAIB update to accident on 29.9.12

10th September 2012 - Jastarnia airfield, Poland - D-MGDA - Auto-Gyro Calidus - take off accident. The German registered gyrocopter was fitted with a sensor pod for aerial geo-survey work along the Polish Baltic coastline. Just after take off the pilot thought he would not clear tall trees at the edge of the airfield so conducted a 180 degree turn for an emergency landing. The Calidus gyro rolled over after the blades struck the ground during the emergency landing. The pilot and passenger escaped unharmed although the gyrocopter is said to be destroyed.

D-MGDA Calidus with side sensor pods

Link to official interim Polish accident report for D-MGDA

Link to official final Polish PKBWL accident report for D-MGDA published Jan 2013

10th September 2012 - Lansing, Illinois - N717EW -  Wiggins Air Boss ( Rotorhawk Falcon ) gyro - Fatal accident  - the newly built experimental gyro received its certificate of airworthiness on 5th September 2012 - the pilot had a mere 2 hours gyrocopter experience.  The NTSB accident report states "The pilot reportedly had not flown in over 20 years before receiving 1.8 hours of familiarization training in a two-seat gyroplane in May 2012. There was no record that the pilot had received any additional flight training in gyroplanes subsequent to the two familiarization flights." New gyro pilot in a newly home built gyro. 1 fatality.

 News link to gyrocopter accident 10.9.12

Link to official US NTSB accident report

7th September 2012 - Spanish Fork, Utah, USA - Sparrow Hawk gyro - N51140 - the Sparrowhawk gyrocopter rolled over during an aborted take off by the pilot who was on his first gyro solo flight.

Link to official NTSB accident report 7.9.12

14th August 2012 - near Canterbury, Kent, UK - G-ONON - RAF 2000 GTX-SE - gyro engine Subaru EJ22 lost power on take off - forced hard landing.   UPDATE this gyrocopter was cancelled from the UK CAA register in Sept 2014.

Link to official AAIB accident report for G-ONON

4th August 2012 - Luino, Lake Maggiore Italy - I-8323 - Magni M16 - the gyrocopter landed in the lake close to the shore.  A photo shows the gyro in the water with damaged rotorblades.

Photo link to accident 4.8.12 at Lake Maggiore

News link to accident 4.8.12 at Lake Maggiore

31st July 2012 - Rufforth airfield, Yorkshire, England, UK - G-CFKA - Auto-Gyro MT-03  - the gyro overran on landing, hit a bump and tipped over onto its right side.  The AAIB summary says "
The aircraft overshot the end of the runway on landing, crossing the perpendicular runway and coming to rest in an adjacent field. The pilot was uninjured and considers that he had misjudged the safety margin required."

Link to official AAIB accident report for 31.7.12 

24th July 2012 - Bokovo near Irkutsk, Russia - registration unknown - Irkut A-002M - the gyro crashed into swampy ground and came to rest on its starboard side. The pilot escaped with minor injuries.

News link to accident 24.7.12 near Irkutsk

Link to more information about gyrocopter type Irkut A-002

21st July 2012 - Shiocton airfield, Bovina, Wisconsin, USA - N115WB - RAF 2000 - the pilot lost control whilst taking photographs - the NTSB reads The pilot of the gyrocopter reported that he was taking aerial photos of the airport. He stated he was flying toward the airport and trying to take photos when he realized he was getting too close to the airport. He initiated a turn downwind away from the airport at which time the gyrocopter lost altitude. The lower right side of the fuselage and the right landing gear strut contacted a guy wire attached to a utility pole alongside the highway that bordered the south side of the airport. The gyrocopter then descended, impacted terrain, and came to rest in a ditch alongside Highway 54, which resulted in substantial damage to the vertical tail surfaces and the main rotor blades. The pilot stated that he was distracted by trying to use the camera and that he was not paying attention to the surroundings when the accident occurred.

Link to NTSB report for N115WB 21.7.12

July 14th 2012 - Mount Pleasant airport, Utha, USA - home built gyrocopter - unregistered - the gyrocopter crashed during take off. The pilot was severely injured. The pilot confirms he had taken no gyro flight training.

News Link with comments from the pilot re gyrocopter crash Utah 14.7.12  

7th July 2012 - Waldeck airfield, Kassel, Germany - Auto-Gyro MTOsport - D-MOIX - middair collision, as the gyrocopter took off it was hit by a landing glider. The glider was destroyed, the MTOsport landed with some rotor damage.

Photo credit

News link to report of accident 7.7.12

28th June 2012 - Omaha, Nebraska, USA - Dominator - N447PM - during flight testing of a newly built Dominator gyrocopter the aircraft turned over whilst on the runway causing substantial damage.

Link to official NTSB accident report for incident 28.6.12

27th June 2012 - Aalen-Elchingen, Germany - Auto-Gyro Cavalon - D-MFWQ - c/n V00031 - Fatal accident, whilst landing the gyrocopter impacted the ground and burst into flames, from a height of approx 3m - 1 fatality.

Photo - BFU report - Police

News report for fatal Cavalon accident 27.6.12

Official BFU accident report for Cavalon D-MFWQ

26th June 2012 - Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia - Gyro mades emergency landing onto mud flats near Ryhll, Phillip Island, Victoria after apparent engine failure - pilot walks away after gyro turns on its side in the mud.

Video Link to interview with the pilot and wreckage for accident 26.6.12

News report for accident 26.6.12

17th June 2012 - Tauranga Bay, New Zealand - ZK-MZM  - Auto-Gyro Calidus - lost power after take off and ditched into Tauranga Bay, two on board rescued by passing boats.

News link to gyrocopter ditching 19.6.12

8th June 2012 - Wrens, Georgia, USA - N1481 - Dogbee gyro - Fatal accident - the experimental amateur built gyrocopter ( Gyrobee derivative ) impacted the ground after flying at approx 70 feet above fields near power lines. The NTSB report states "Before reaching the power lines, the gyroplane made a steep, 180-degree left turn and impacted the ground. The witness stated that the gyroplane appeared to be "almost on its side" as it turned - 1 fatality pilot Chris Bowen.

Link to official NTSB accident report near Wrens, GA 8.6.12

News link to fatal accident 8.6.12

TV report relating to Dogbee accident at Wrens 8.6.12

2nd June 2012 - Gubkinsky, Yamal-Nenets, Russia - Auto-Gyro Calidus - registration unknown - the gyrocopter hit a low metal fence whilst landing ( on a road ? ) in a built up urban area injurying the pilot and passenger.  A photo on the news link below appears to show the same gyrocopter parked on a small concrete pad in a car park beside a block of flats prior to the accident. 

News link to accident at Gubkinsky on 2.6.12

30th May 2012 - Pinconning, Michigan, USA - Honeybee G2 ultralight gyro  - Fatal - apparently the second flight of a newly built ultralight gyrocopter. Ultralight gyrocopters are unregistered with the FAA and this accident is unlikely to be investigated by the FAA or NTSB.

News link to fatal accident at Pinconning, MI, USA 30.5.12

20th May 2012 - Near Falmouth, Cornwall, UK - G-CGLY - Auto-Gyro Calidus - Gyro made emergency forced landing after apparent power loss, hit power cables as landing, damage to rotor mast and blades, no injury.

Link to official AAIB accident report for G-CGLY

6th May 2012 - Bollon, Queensland, Australia - Pilot killed in gyrocopter accident near Bollon, Queensland - believed helmet came loose and hit propeller - Fatal

27th April 2012 - Dealseville, Free State province, South Africa - MT-03 - ZU-EMR - fatal accident. The gyro departed from an airstrip at Fouriesburg and hit telephone wires en route before crashing into the ground - the pilot was killed. The telephone wires were at a height of approx just 6m.

Photo from the South African CAA report

Link to official SA CAA accident report for accident 27.4.12

31st March 2012 - Kirkbride, Cumbria, UK - G-CGGL - Auto-Gyro MTOsport - The gyroplane suffered a partial loss of engine power during takeoff. The instructor landed the aircraft on the remaining runway but was unable to bring it to a stop before it ran off the runway end.

Link to official AAIB accident report for G-CGGL

31st March 2012 - Anahuac, TX, Texas, USA - N9012R - RAF 2000 - no injuries -
After landing on the runway with a right crosswind, the student pilot attempted to taxi the gyroplane back to the hangar. During the taxi forward, the gyroplane began to roll to the right and the rotor blades contacted the runway. The gyroplane sustained substantial damage to the fuselage structure

Link to official NTSB acident report for N9012R on 31.3.12

24th March 2012 - Lommersum, Germany - MTOsport - D-M..... - the pilot and passenger were seriously injured. The gyrocopter was flying low over the village of Lommersum. The passenger was a member of a wedding day party and was going to release roses over the brides home. As the pilot slowed the gyro it descended and hit a tall roof  and then crashed into the courtyard of a house below.

Photo from BFU report

Link to offical BFU accident report for MTOsport crash 24.3.12

2nd March 2012 - Cark, Cumbria, UK - G-ORDW - Magni M24C  - The pilot attempted to execute a go-around from just above the runway. The gyroplane rolled to the right on application of right rudder and full power, and the right main wheel contacted the ground. The aircraft rolled over, coming to rest on the runway on its right side. The pilot and his passenger escaped serious injury.

Link to Official AAIB accident report for G-ORDW

14th February 2012 - Halfpenny Green, Wolverhampton, UK - G-CVPM - VPM M16 - rotor hit rudder and propeller tips whilst preparing to take off

Link to offical AAIB accident report for G-CVPM

5th February 2012 - New South Wales, Australia, G-1010 AC10 Arrowcopter - propeller broke up during flight, the Arrow Copter is a very new type of gyro, debris hit tail, engine difficulties - forced emergency landing - no injuries - possibly in the Gundaroo area of NSW.

ASN Newsreport on incident 5.2.12

14th January 2012 - Mangalore, Victoria, Australia - G-762 GT Kruza  - 2 Fatal - this fatal accident is currently under investigation by the Coroners Court of Victoria - the instructor pilot was Sam La Bruna, the student pilot was Robert Brockbank. The interim accident report concludes that the accident was caused by an in-flight failure of the cross-bar.

Newspaper Link to Accident 14.1.12

NZ Newspaper Link to Accident 14.1.12

UPDATE OCTOBER 2012 - Link to Interim Accident Report for Kruza G-762 produced by ASRA 

2nd January 2012 - Whangarei, New Zealand - ZK-RCG - RAF 2000 - landing accident the gyro tipped over as it landed, the airport manager said ""I think he lost a bit of directional control, he was coming down and a wind gust caught him and he's probably touched down when the aircraft was moving sideways, relative to the ground. That's probably just flipped it onto its back.''

News link to accident 2.1.12


26th November 2011 - Vilafranca, Majorca, Spain  - EC-KUT - ELA-07 - fatal accident on the perimeter of the airfield during descent the gyro appeared to roll over and impact the ground vertically before exploding - the pilot Andy Tille and his student were both killed.

The following details are a Google Translation of the original Spanish CIAAIC text and as such may not be an accurate translation.

The aircraft was on a flight with an instructor and student on board. After effecting
several circuits of the airfield, the aircraft turned to so-called "high point" on the header
track 07 for a spiral followed by an inlet and outlet end or takeoff. When the gyro
was about 400 ft above the ground, a little overchutada about the extended center line
of the runway, the aircraft performed a manoeuvre to align with it slipping. Then, when
gyro was about 150 ft above the ground, the aircraft track aproó adopting an
nose low, and made ​​a turn on itself about 180 ° while losing height at large
speed. The aircraft ended up crashing into the ground and caught fire after impact.
The instructor and student were killed. The aircraft was destroyed and burned.

Analysis and probable cause of the accident:
The instructor pilot had a total experience of 405 flying hours, 375 of which were
in type.

Probably the accident ensued after performing a manoeuvre in conditions involved high dive angle and strong rotation on its own axis of the aircraft.
When these circumstances occur at a low height the chances of recovery
the manoeuvre are practically nonexistent

News link to accident 26.11.11

Link to original official CIAIAC Spanish report - for accident 3.9.11 see PDF page 35

5th November 2011 - Sweden - SE-VNI - Auto-Gyro MTOsport - the gyro crashed during take off with a flight student on his first lesson in the front cockpit. As the gyro accelerated along the runway the student held the stick aft but failed to respond to the instructors commands as the nose lifted off. The instructor tried to take control but could not overcome the pressure of the stick being held firmly back by the student. The nose came up steeply and the rotor blades struck the ground behind the gyro causing the gyro to roll onto its side. The two on board received minor injuries. 

Link to news article with photo of damaged gyrocopter SE-VNI

23rd October 2011 - near Hirschenbuhl, Germany - D-MRWZ - Auto-Gyro MTOsport - the gyrocopter crashed into a forest after encountering engine problems.

News report link to MTOsport accident 23.10.11

15th October 2011 - Blair, Nebraska, NE, USA - N29HT - Sparrow Hawk - minor injury to the pilot. The NTSB report states, "During the takeoff roll, the nosewheel experienced a shimmy, and the pilot was unable to maintain directional control. The Sparrowhawk gyrocopter rolled onto its left side, exited the side of the runway, and came to rest in the grass. During the rollover, the main rotor mast sustained substantial damage. A postaccident examination of the gyrocopter revealed a loose bolt in the nose gear steering linkage, which allowed the nosewheel to shimmy. The pilot, who was also the builder, was testing the newly built gyrocopter."

Link to the NTSB report for gyrocopter accident in Nebraska 15.10.11

7th October 2011 - Thompsonville Airport, Thompsonville, Michigan, MI, USA - Auto-Gyro Calidus - N455BW - no injury - the pilot stated that the takeoff seemed normal, but on the downwind leg of the traffic pattern the gyrocraft tended to roll to the right and he had difficulty keeping it level. He completed the traffic pattern and successfully touched down on the runway. However, after landing, he was unable to maintain control. The gyrocraft departed the runway pavement and rolled onto its right side. The gyrocraft sustained substantial damage to the rotor mast and fuselage.

Link to official NTSB report for accident to Calidus N455BW on 7.10.11

2nd October 2011 - Bad Durkheim, Germany - D-M......... - gyrocopter type unknown - the gyrocopter suffered engine problems on final approach to land at the airfield - the pilot attempted to re-start the engine but ended up making a forced landing into a nearby vineyard. The pilot and passenger survived the landing.  Note that a similar accident occurred at Bad Durkheim in December 2012 ( scroll upwards )  

News link to accident at Bad Durkheim on 2.10.11

3rd September 2011 - Medina Sidonia airfield, Spain - EC-KOS - ELA-07 - pilot and passenger badly injured when rotor/hub bar failed ?

The following details are a Google Translation of the original Spanish CIAAIC text and as such may not be an accurate translation.

The aircraft, registration EC-KOS took off from the airfield of Medina Sidonia with the pilot and a passenger on board. 

Following a flight for about 15 minutes, returned to the airfield with the intention of performing various maneuvers traffics go-around. After completing two circuits, and during the performance of which was the third approach to field located already at low height of the rotor blade part is detached together with the rocker causing the aircraft to crash with the ground. Pilot and passenger were seriously injured and the aircraft was destroyed.

Analysis and probable cause of the accident:
The pilot had a total of 1,200 hours of experience flying, of which 980 were on type.
The ULM accumulated a total of 929 flight hours until the accident. The rocker
rotor indication had been changed by the manufacturer when accumulated 384 hours, so that the new rocker had 545 hours of flight. Although the embodiment next inspection
600 hours in approved center, as shown in the Maintenance Manual, still had approx 45 hours until its completion.
After observing the wreckage, it was found that the rocker had fractured during flight.  

It was decided to send to a laboratory for conducting a detailed study. The study determined that the failure was due to a process failure fatigue, favoured among other factors, by the existence of recesses in the underside where the fault originated. Further, the piece was not fabricated with the material specified by the manufacturer, but with an alloy of lower specification.  

Link to original official CIAIAC Spanish report - for accident 3.9.11 see PDF page 27

20th August 2011 - Delaware, Ohio, USA  - N2631B - American Autogyro Sparrowhawk - the NTSB summary report states - The non certificated pilot stated that, during initial climb about 20 to 30 feet above the ground, he noticed that the gyroplane's airspeed was lower than intended and that the gyroplane began to drift to the right. He attempted to increase airspeed by lowering pitch, but the gyroplane landed hard and rolled over onto its side. A witness reported seeing the gyroplane in a steep ascent after lift off before it entered a descending right turn. A post accident examination did not reveal any mechanical malfunctions or failures that would have precluded normal operation of the gyroplane. The pilot reported that he had been receiving instruction toward a pilot certificate but had not obtained a student pilot certificate. He further noted that, although he had a pilot-rated passenger onboard, he was still acting as pilot-in-command and was flying the gyroplane when the accident occurred.

Link to NTSB report for Sparrowhawk accident 20.8.11

22 Aug 2011 - near Chateauneuf, France - Magni M24 Orion - registration unknown - The gyrocopter took off at approx 8pm on a hot summers evening with two on board. The gyrocopter struggled to climb and with powerlines ahead the pilot decided to turn back. The gyrocopter lost height and crashed injuring the two on board. A police preliminary report raised concerns about the use of the airstrip, radio compliance and airworthiness documents.


News link to Magni accident near Chateauneuf

.....August 2011 - near Grants, New Mexico, USA - Celier Aviation Xenon - N102TG - the gyrocopter made a forced landing whilst en route. A forum discussion suggested this may have been due to "fuel lock".  The accident does not appear on the NTSB database. 

25th July 2011 - Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA - N559RD - Dominator single seat - the NTSB summary report states - The pilot reported that, during the initial climb after takeoff, the gyroplane reached about 75 to 100 feet above ground level when it started to settle. He reported that the gyroplane was not creating enough lift to clear the trees located near the west end of the runway and that he did not have enough airspeed or altitude to turn around. The gyroplane continued to lose altitude and the pilot performed a forced landing to an area that was clear of people and cars. The gyroplane landed hard and subsequently rolled onto its right side. The pilot reported that there were no mechanical malfunctions or failures with the gyroplane prior to the accident.

The accident is shown in the Youtube video below


Link to NTSB report for accident 25.7.11

16th July 2011 - Breitscheid airfield ( EDGB ), Germany - D-MAUT - Autogyro MTOsport - fatal accident killing the pilot and passenger. The gyrocopter crashed on short finals approach to runway 25. The pilot had alreadt flown several landings to this runway earlier in the day. GPS data shows the final approach to have drifted a little off of centreline and passed over tall trees. The BFU report suggests a combination of side slip, uplift turbulence by the trees and limited experience to have led to this accident. Note that the rotor blades showed sign of being bent upwards.

Photo from BFU report

Link to official BFU report for MTOsport accident 16.7.11

27th June 2011 - near Llanbedr, North Wales, UK - G-LZED - Auto-Gyro MTOsport - the gyro was taking for from a camping field with a slight downward slope. The gyrocopter hit the top of a low wall as it took off and crashed. No injuries to the pilot and passenger but the gyro was extensively damaged. The UK AAIB report suggests the field length was too short to allow climb to clear the wall obstacle.

Link to official  UK AAIB accident report for MTOsport G-LZED 27.6.11

20.6.11 - Kaniow airfield, Poland - Celier Aviation Xenon - SP-XENI - the starboard undercarriage leg of the Xenon gyrocopter broke whilst landing at Kaniow airfield.

28th May 2011 - near Norrtälje, Sweden - SE-VRA - ELA-07R Cougar - fatal accident, pilot and passenger both killed. The gyrocopter crashed shortly after take off into a wooded area and burst into flames. The accident was investigated by the Swedish KSAK.

Link to news report for accident to ELA-07 SE-VRA on 28.5.11

Photo link to ELA-07 SE-VRA

14th May 2011 - near Kaitaia, New Zealand - ZK-RAW - Autoflight  Dominator - Fatal accident - pilot killed and passenger seriously injured. The synopsis published by the NZ CAA saya "After approximately 20 minutes of sightseeing, the gyroplane returned to the general area of the paddock used for the take-off and was seen to perform a series of abrupt manoeuvres. During an abrupt turn the gyroplane descended rapidly and struck the ground. The gyroplane was destroyed and the pilot received fatal injuries"

Link to official NZ CAA Accident investigation report for ZK-RAW - Click on Report 11/2157

Link to The New Zealand Herald newspaper report 14.5.11

3rd May 2011 - Blue Spings, Nebraska, USA - N103EB - Dominator - Fatal accident - Witnesses reported seeing the gyrocopter depart from a private airstrip. Shortly after the gyrocopter was airborne, it struck a telephone line, descended and impacted the road. A postimpact fire ensued and the gyrocopter sustained substantial damage during the impact with the road and the postimpact fire. A postaccident examination of the gyrocopter, engine, and its systems revealed no mechanical anomalies that would have precluded normal operation.

Link to NTSB report for Dominator accident 3.5.11

28th April 2011 - near Old Sarum airfield, Wiltshire, England, UK - G-CGTI - Magni M24C Orion - fatal accident. The UK AAIB sumary reads,

"The pilot departed Old Sarum Airfield for a local flight in his M24C gyroplane and shortly after it became airborne the ‘gull wing’ door was seen to open to the horizontal position. The pilot made a radio call that he had a problem with the door and intended to return to the airfield. The aircraft continued around the circuit until the end of the downwind leg, where the pilot appeared to position the aircraft to land in a field. At the end of the flight the engine noise was heard to reduce and the aircraft was seen to roll to the left before it crashed into the field and caught fire. The investigation established that at the start of the flight the pilot’s door appeared to be closed but the latching mechanism had not locked the door in the closed position."

Link to official UK AAIB accident report for accident 28.4.11

17th April 2011 - Perth airfield, Scotland - G-HTBT - Auto-Gyro Calidus - the gyrocopter rolled over to the right during the landing roll

Link to official UK AAIB accident report for accident 17.4.11

31st March 2011 - Krugersdorp, Gauteng, South Africa - Celier Aviation Xenon  - ZU-EXU - the Xenon gyrocopter crashed during take off just after the nose lifted, veered left and rolled over several times. The gyrocopter was destroyed. The official SA CAA accident report concludes "The pilot performed a tail wind take off and the aircraft rolled to the left rendering ground impact inevitable" 

March 27th 2011 - near Melipilla, Chile - Celier Aviation Xenon - CC-PTP - Fatal accident - the gyrocopter crashed killing the pilot shortly after take off from the airfield at Melipilla. The Xenon crashed into a maize field and burst into flames - photo of Xenon CC-PTP below


 Wreckage of Celier Aviation Xenon CC-PTP

Official report below - see accident ref #1584

Link to official accident report for Xenon accident 27.3.11

3rd February 2011 - Rufforth airfield, Yorkshire, England, UK - G-CGRT - Magni M24C Orion -

""During a normal rotor pre-rotation in gusty wind conditions, the aircraft became airborne prior to the main rotor achieving full rpm and the pilot lost control of the aircraft The pilot had experience of flying gyroplanes in the strong wind conditions but on a different type.""

Link to official UK AAIB accident report for accident 3.2.11

3rd Feb 2011 - .......................South Africa - Celier Aviation Xenon - ZU-RGA - the gyrocopter suffered an engine failure during take off and rolled over. Since re-built

4th January 2011 - Omaha Flats, New Zealand - Ken Brock KB-3 - ZK-RBL - the NZ CAA accident report states "The gyrocopter lost power shortly after takeoff. An attempt was made to turn back to the airfield, however the gyrocopter landed heavily in the adjacent estuary."

Link to NZ CAA accident report for Brock gyrocopter 4.1.11


26.12.10 - Lake Rotoehu, New Zealand - Auto-Gyro MT-03 - ZK-RKG - the NZ CAA accident synopsis report states "While taxing, the autogyro's left rear wheel fell into a hole, causing the pilot to inadvertently increase the throttle to full power. The autogyro accelerated, and fell down a bank beside the runway. - Damage substantial"  The same gyro ZK-RKG was involved in a previous accident on 24.10.09

Link to New Zealand CAA accident for MT-03 gyrocopter 26.12.2010

....October 2010 - Pla de Santa Maria, Catalonia, Spain - Airbet Girabet 2 Sport - EC-............. - The red gyrocopter crashed just after taking off. It appears to have lifted off at too slow an airspeed, failed to climb and crashed back onto the runway. The pilot and passenger survived.  A video of the accident can be found on Youtube.

Youtube link to Girabet 2 gyrocopter accident October 2010

24.9.10 - Kirkbride airfield, Cumbria, England, UK - Auto-Gyro MT-03  - G-CEYX - take off accident involving a student pilot. The UK AAIB accident report states that the student pilot did not select aft cyclic before he began the take off roll as taught. During the take off role he realised this mistake and pulled the cyclic aft. The gyrocopter became airborne, pitched nose up and rolled left impacting the runway. The gyrocopter was substantially damaged, the pilot received minor injuries.

Link to official UK AAIB accident report for gyrocopter G-CEYX  

August 15th 2010 - Brighton, Colorado, USA - RFD Dominator - N36MR - the NTSB report states "The private pilot was preparing to land his gyroplane when he encountered a downdraft, which increased his rate of descent. The pilot was unable to arrest the descent rate and landed hard. As a result the left main gear axle broke, causing the lower rudder strut to contact the ground. The strut bent upwards into the propeller, splintering the propeller and causing substantial damage to the rudder. The pilot reported that the downdraft was caused by an 80-degree crosswind that blew over houses just to the northeast of the runway threshold. The pilot did not report any mechanical deficiencies with the gyroplane prior to the accident.""

Link to official NTSB acident report for Dominator gyrocopter 15.8.10

31 July 2010 - Freiburg airfield, Germany - Celier Aviation Xenon - D-MFWT - during take off the rotor flapped causing the mast to break. The accident was investigated by the German BFU report number RX004-10. The Xenon gyrocopter was subsequently repaired by the manufacturer. 

20th July 2010 - near Bayreuth, Germany - Celier Aviation Xenon - D-MDWR - the gyrocopter hit a bird during flight causing damage to the propeller. The pilot made a successful emergency landing onto a grass field near Bayreuth.

Link to photo of Xenon D-MDWR after outlanding

15th February 2010 - near Sarriac-Bigorre, Hautes Pyrenees,  France - registration unknown - type unknown - the two seat gyro crashed during final approach to landing from a height of approx 100m - the pilot and passenger were both taken to hospital with injuries.

Link to news report of accident in France 15.2.10


27th November 2009 - Upington, Northern Cape, South Africa - ZU-RBN - RAF 2000 GTX SE FI c/n M2-11-06-08-008 - the SA CAA brief summary states "The gyrocopter rotated too early on take off, sunk back and rolled over to the right"

12th November 2009 - near Hawera airfield, New Zealand - UFO HeliThruster gyro ZK-RAZ - Fatal accident two killed, Steven Chubb and Neville Adlam. The official report ( see link below ) includes a Conclusion page which raises a number of concerns.

Link to official NZ CAA Accident investigation report for ZK-RAZ - Click on Report 09/4376

News link to accident 12.11.09

Oct 24 2009 - Tauranga airfield, New Zealand - Auto-Gyro MT-03 - ZK-RKG - the New Zealand CAA accident report states "The gyrocopter was returning from a cross country flight from Matamata. The pilot was cleared for a short approach onto grass 25 which had a 9 knot crosswind. As the gyrocopter vacated the grass vector the crosswind lifted the machine and it rolled slowly over onto its side causing substantial damage. The pilot and passenger were uninjured. - Damage substantial." 

Link to NZ CAA accident report ZK-RGG

11th October 2009 - Little Rissington airfield, Gloucestershire, England, UK - Fatal accident whilst doing circuits

BBC News Link to accident 11.10.09

Sept 25th 2009 - Mount Pleasant, South Carolina - Celier Aviation Xenon - N4462J - Immediately after take off the Xenon gyrocopter failed to climb once it had reached a height of approx 30 feet. The gyrocopter landed into a nearby lake. The pilot and passenger swam to safety.

The official NTSB report for this Xenon accident states "The pilot stated that the gyroplane took off about 1,200 feet from the departure end of runway 15 and experienced a "loss of lift" when it was approximately 30 feet above the ground. The pilot "lowered the nose to increase airspeed to increase lift," but the gyroplane continued to descend. With no runway available, the gyroplane landed "flat" into a lake, and after exiting the pilot and passenger swam to shore. No preaccident mechanical anomalies were noted with the gyroplane, which was about 90 pounds below maximum gross weight at takeoff. Winds were from 190 degrees true at 5 knots, and temperature at the time was 32 degrees C. The extent to which the combination of high gross weight and high ambient temperature may have affected the flight was not determined.
The National Transportation Safety Board determines the probable cause(s) of this accident to be:
The gyroplane's inadequate climb performance for undetermined reasons."

Link to NTSB accident report for Xenon gyro 25.9.09 

August 22nd 2009 -  Cromwell airfield, New Zealand - Tandem Dominator - ZK-REL - the NZ CAA accident for this Dominator gyro accident states "The pilot slowed the gyrocopter sufficiently to achieve a 'hover' into the 15 to 25-knot wind, with a slight rate of descent. An abrupt wind shift resulted in a loss of rotor thrust, from which the pilot was unable to recover fully, despite applying full power and forward cyclic to regain airspeed. The aircraft bounced on landing and the rotor contacted the ground, with the aircraft coming to rest on its side. - Damage substantial" 

Link to Twin Dominator gyrocopter accident report 22.8.09

7th August 2009 - near Bovenden, Eddigehausen, Germany - D-MTUK- Auto-Gyro MT-03 - Fatal - the gyrocopter was on a scenic flight with a passenger when it crashed into a dense forest area. Both the pilot and passenger were killed.

 The German BFU report states that the gyrocopter was flying approx 50kg overweight.

Link to BFU accident report 7.8.09

Link to news report for MT-03 accident 7.8.09

1st August 2009 - Visingso airfield, Sweden - SE-VNA - Auto-Gyro MTOsport - the gyrocopter took off to depart an airshow but seconds after rotation the gyro nose dived into the runway landing hard on the nose wheel - the gyrocopter came to rest on its side and quickly caught fire. Spectators pulled the pilot and passenger from the wreckage.

Newspaper link to accident at Visingo Sweden on 1.8.09

4th July 2009 - Holyrood airstrip, Lancashire, England, UK - G-DWDW - Auto-Gyro MTOsport  - the UK AAIB summary report states, "The aircraft was operating from a private field and, with the pilot, one passenger and 40 kg of fuel on board, was probably lighter than its maximum 500 kg takeoff weight. Having assessed the wind direction and speed as 120° and 7 kt, the pilot attempted to take off in an easterly direction. After a longer than anticipated takeoff run the pilot judged that the aircraft would not climb sufficiently to avoid trees near the eastern edge of the field. To avoid these he turned the aircraft left but in doing so it descended. He was also aware of electricity cables to the south of the field that would constrain his flight path if he attempted to turn right. Nevertheless, judging that the aircraft would not climb above a fence at the eastern end of the field he aborted the takeoff and attempted to turn right through 180°. The aircraft landed heavily and rolled onto its side. The pilot and passenger vacated the aircraft without injury and righted the aircraft to avoid fuel spillage. The pilot stated that the wind direction changed after his initial assessment such that the takeoff was downwind"

Link to UK AAIB official report for 4.7.09

Link to Youtube video that shows accident 4.7.09

June 7 09 - Waipukurau, New Zealand - Bensen B8M - ZK-RAL - the New Zealand accident report states "The pilot was test-flying the gyrocopter after fitting a new muffler. About 300 feet on the climb, the engine stopped. In the ensuing forced landing, the right axle broke and the aircraft rolled on to its side."

Link to NZ CAA accident report for Bensen B8M 7.6.09

29th May 2009 - Pirmasens airfield ( EDRP ) Germany - D-MMSP - Auto-Gyro MT-03 - c/n D05 G11 - the pilot was seriously injured. The gyrocopter took off and climbed steeply before rolling to the left and crashing by the airfield boundary.

Link to offical BFU accident report for MT-03 accident 29.5.09

March 14th 2009 - Okeechobee County Airport, Okeechobee, Florida, USA - RAF 2000 - N5098L - Fatal accident. The gyrocopter crashed during take off ending up rolling over onto its side at the edge of the runway. Part of the NTSB reports states "
"The deceased pilot informed them that he was having problems with the pre-rotator on the gyrocopter getting over 60 rpm and that he might reengage the pre-rotator after he started his takeoff roll. Another pilot, who is a member of the Florida Popular Rotorcraft Association accident response team, stated to the Safety Board investigator, "if he did this with anything over idle power, the torque to the airframe would be extreme, causing the aircraft to lurch to the right, causing a left roll."

A further extract reads "Examination of the crash site revealed the gyrocopter came to rest on its left side on a heading of 080 degrees magnetic, near the edge of the OBE taxiway and runway 14 threshold. There was evidence of one rotor blade strike in the grass off the left side of the taxiway. The gyrocopter swerved to the right on the taxiway. The gyrocopter traveled 106 feet and rolled to the left. Nine propeller blade strikes were present on the taxiway. The right main landing gear landing gear came off the taxiway with evidence of seven left main landing gear sidewall marks present on the taxiway. The gyrocopter continued forward 15 feet where the mast of the gyrocopter contacted the taxiway. A scrap mark from the mast was present on the taxiway extending 68 feet to the gyrocopter at rest. The rotor blades remained attached to their respective rotor hub and were lying across the aft portion of the cabin section. The leading edge of both main rotor blades and the bottom side were scratched. The nose main landing gear, left and right main landing gear, and the tail wheel remained attached to the airframe. The crash debris line extended 230 feet."  Local media named the pilot as Donald McGregor.

Link to official NTSB accident report for fatal RAF 2000 accident 14.3.09

Link to message thread on RWF re the above accident 14.3.09


Nov 3rd 08 - Featherston, New Zealand - Brock KB-3 - ZK-RKK - the NZ CAA report states "The accident occurred on the second flight of the day. The gyrocopter took off to the north. The pilot pre-rotated the rotor up to 200 rpm. He stated that the gyrocopter seemed to take longer to get up to rotor speed during the takeoff roll. The gyrocopter lifted off, got to twice the height of nearby trees, and started to sink in a downdraught. The pilot turned the aircraft to the west to try to gain height. The sink continued, and the pilot turned back to the east to avoid trees to the west and north of the airstrip. The gyrocopter landed heavily, rolling onto its right side 400 metres off the end of the strip. The gyrocopter suffered substantial damage to rotor, engine, tail and frame. The pilot was uninjured. "

Link to NZ CAA report for Brock KB-3 gyrocopter accident

2nd November 2008 - Thannhausen airfield ( EDNU ), Germany - Autogyro MT-03 - D-M...... - Fatal accident. The gyrocopter flew several passes along the runway before turning back along the runway in the opposite direction. The final steep turn resulted in a rapid decrease in the rotor spin with the gyro falling almost vertically into the airfield below.

Link to official BFU accident report for MT-03 accident 2.11.08

9th October 2008 - Gillingham, near Henstridge, Dorset, England, UK  - RAF 2000 GTS-SE - G-CBCJ - Fatal accident - pilot Brian Errington -Weddle. The report says "The crash was the result of instability but it was not clear why the aircraft had become unstable"  - and -  "During a descent at close to the never-exceed speed (VNE) the gyroplane rotor struck the aircraft’s propeller and rudder. An in-flight break up ensued and, during the impact that followed, the pilot received fatal injuries. No pre-existing defects on the aircraft were identified. more on the news link below"

News Link to accident 9.10.08

Link to offical UK AAIB accident report for 9.10.08

1st October 2008 - Montelimar, Dept 26, France - 26-XF - Magni M22 - The gyrocopter and a microlight aircraft collided in middair in uncontrolled airspace. Both aircraft had departed from the airfield at Montelimar within a few minutes of each other. The Magni M22 was able to make an emergency landing back at Montelimar, the microlight aircraft crashed killing the pilot. Examination of the gyro showed that the main rotor blade had struck the rear of the microlight.

Link to official BEA report for accident on 1.10.08

23rd August 2008 - Lindormsnäs, Upplands Bro, near Stockholm, Sweden - Auto-Gyro MTOsport - SE-V...... - The gyrocopter crashed whilst coming in to land possibly in a field by a house. It is said to have fallen from approx 40m hitting some trees on the way down. The pilot and passenger were both hurt. 

News link to gyrocopter crash in Sweden 23.8.08

7th June 2008 - Marignac Lasclares, Dept 31, France - 31-HK - Auto-Gyro MT-03 - fatal accident pilot killed. The pilot lost his visor in flight, became distracted and induced blade flap. The main rotor blades struck the rear tail rudder causing the in-flight break up of the tail.

Link to official BEA accident report for accident 7.6.08

16-1-2008 - Rojunai, Lithuania - ELA 07 - LY-ELA - Fatal accident. The gyrocopter crshed onto the runway of the airfield and caught fire. The pilot was killed.

News link to fatal ELA gyrocopter accident in Lithuania 16.1.08


14.9.07 - Thollon les Memises ( Dept 74 )  - France - 74-VA - Magni M22 Voyager - the gyrocopter crashed into high terrain whilst flying in mountains at approx 3,000 feet.

Link to officla BEA gyrocopter accident report for Magni M22

26 July 2007 - Omaha Flats, New Zealand - Air Command Elite - ZK-RDW - the NZ CAA report states "The gyrocopter engine lost thrust, and the pilot made a precautionary landing. The aircraft landed heavily on a ridge and tipped over, suffering a blade strike - Damage substantial."

Link to NZ CAA report for Air Command Elite gyrocopter accident 

13th June 2007 - Saint-Vincent-les-Forts, Dept 04, France - 06-ZH - Blandine gyrocopter - fatal accident  - the gyro hit the tree covered side of a mountain, the pilot was killed.  Examination of the wreckage was unable to determine the cause of the accident.

Link to official BEA acident report for accicent 13.6.07

May 6th 2007 - Lumsden, New Zealand - Hintz Tandem Dominator - ZK-RCE - the NZ CAA report states "Coming in to land on a paddock, the pilot made an abnormal landing, causing substantial damage to the gyrocopter but nil injuries."

Link to NZ CAA Tandem Dominator gyrocopter accident report 6.5.07

April 16th 2007 - location unknown, New ZealandHintz Tandem Dominator - ZK-REG - the NZ CAA states "On takeoff, the aircraft yawed strongly to the left and did not respond to opposite rudder and stick. The pilot managed to land but the rotor blades flapped downwards and struck various parts of the aircraft - Damage substantial."

Link to NZ CAA accident for Hintz Tandem Dominator gyrocopter accident 16.4.07

15th April 2007 - Onamalutu Valley, New Zealand - Rosco Bruty Gyrocopter - ZK-REJ - the NZ CAA report states "After experiencing fuel exhaustion, the gyrocopter rolled over during the ensuing forced landing - Damage substantial."

Link to NZ CAA report for Rosco Bruty Gyrocopter accident 15.4.07


....June 2006 - near Pahrump, Nevada, USA - Celier Aviation Xenon - N75506 - The Xenon gyrocopter suffered a hard landing resulting in the rotors hitting the ground. This accident does not appear on the NTSB database

1st June 2006 - near Bodmin airfield, Cornwall, England, UK - G-REBA - RAF 2000 GTX-SE - fatal accident. The UK AAIB summary states

"On 1 June 2006 an RAF 2000 autogyro crashed on Bodmin Moor fatally injuring the pilot. During the ongoing investigation it was found that control restrictions could occur on this and other RAF 2000s. It was also found that required duplicate inspections might not have been carried out on this and other RAF 2000s Pending the Final Report, Three interim Safety Recommendations are made."

Link to official UK AAIB report into accident of 1.6.06

17th May 2006 - Oklahoma, USA - unregistered ultralight - Gyro Bee - fatal accident killing the pilot Alan Coates. The GyroBee crashed nose first over the airfield, some suggestions that engine failure may have been involved. As the ultralight gyrocopter was unregistered ( ie had no "N" number issued by the FAA ) there is no NTSB report. 


9th June 2005 - New Zealand - ZK-RDP c/n 03061 - UFO Helithruster - crashed near Tainui airfield, two on board injured.

Photo The New Zealand Herald


15th June 2004 - Malov airfield, Denmark - Air Command 532 Elite - "10-15" - fatal accident.  The airfield was holding an open afternoon for the local community, several other flight demonstrations were cancelled due to strong winds. The Air Command gyro took off to give a flight demonstration. Witnesses describe a very low flight along the runway at a height of approx 2m before a steep pull up and turn. The pilot lost control at a height of approx 40m and the gyrocopter fell to the ground killing the pilot.

Link to official Danish accident report for 15.6.04

21st February 2004 - Yuba City, California, USA - Sport Copter Vortex - N96XV - Fatal accident - the NTSB summary reports, "The gyrocopter collided with the ground in an uncontrolled descent following a loss of engine power. This was the second test flight for the gyrocopter. A witness reported that the gyrocopter flew overhead at 50 feet, with the engine sputtering. It then entered a steep descent and impacted a dry riverbed about 45 yards away. At the wreckage site, approximately 1/2 tank of fuel was present. No fuel was found in either of the two carburetors. The blades of the pusher propeller, made of carbon fiber and foam filled, were displaced from the gyrocopter and displayed cracks on the surfaces, but were otherwise intact. The main rotor was bent downward and had impacted the gear ring on the main drive shaft. The Rotax 582 engine contained oil and was rotated. The tachometer time indicated a total engine operation time of 12.2 hours. Post accident inspection of the gyrocopter revealed that a vacuum line to the pneumatic fuel pump, which is made of a soft and easily collapsible nylon reinforced vinyl material, was kinked at a 45-degree angle at its attachment fitting. The pilot had a total gyrocopter flight time of 11 hours and this was the second test flight for this gyrocopter."

Link to NTSB accident report for Vortex N96XV 21.2.04


27th March 2000 - Perkins Field airports, Overton, Nevada, USA - RAF 2000 GTX SE, N60739 - fatal accident - part of the NTSB report reads,

"One witness had talked to the pilot prior to takeoff. He stated that the pilot had told him this was his maiden flight. The witness watched him take off and immediately saw the gyrocopter porpoising in the air. He watched him leave the airport environment and then make a turn back towards the runway. The porpoising stopped; then it started again. As the gyrocopter flew over the runway the porpoising increased in severity. The witness stated that the pilot reduced power during this portion of the flight. The final porpoise that he saw placed the gyrocopter in an inverted position. The witness then saw the gyrocopter fall inverted to the ground from about 100 feet agl."

Link to NTSB accident report 27.3.00

19th November 1998 - Feilding airfield, New Zealand - RAF 2000 GTX  -  ZK-RCG - the official New Zealand CAA report states  - "While on approach to Feilding Aerodrome, the pilot became unhappy with his approach profile and applied go-around power. The nose of the aircraft pitched up further than the pilot anticipated, resulting in a reduction in airspeed, which caused the aircraft to sink on to the ground and touch down on its left main wheel. The rotor blades then struck the ground and the aircraft rolled on to its left side."

Link to official  NZ CAA report for RAF 2000 accident 19.11.98

6th June 1998 - Kindersley, Saskatchewan, Canada - Middair collission between two RAF 2000 GT gyrocopters - fatal. A summary of the official report states, "The two aircraft went overdue from a local VFR flight north of Kindersley airport, Sask. The wreckage of the two gyrocopters was eventually located about 7 NM north of the airport by a farmer. The two aircraft collided in the air and crashed into a field. One aircraft had one pilot and one passenger (a professional photographer) on board while the other aircraft had one pilot on board. All were fatally injured. There is evidence to confirm that the rotor systems intermeshed while in flight, causing rotor break up."


20th April 1996 - Long Marston airfield, Warwickshire, UK - Air Command 532 Elite - G-BOVP - Fatal  - part of the AAIB report reads, "....The gyroplane returned some 20 minutes later,heading south, at a height variously estimated as between 1,000and 2,000 feet agl; the wind at 2,000 feet was about 220°/15kt. It was reported to have been flying slowly when it entereda right turn which continued through 360° back to the starting point. It was then that observers noticed that the rotor appeared to be turning very slowly; it was possible to discern the individual blades.  The subsequent manoeuvre was variously described but the gyroplane appears to have descended, rotated to the right for 2 or 3 turns and then tumbled to an almost inverted attitude. A witness from a group flying model aircraft heard a "metallic bang"; this was also described by another as "like a starting pistol". He saw the gyroplane tilt initially about 45° to the right and as it fell, the tilt appeared to increase to 90°; it was difficult to determine precisely when the bang occurred but the witness thought it may have been at the point of, or shortly after the initial tilt to the right.""   Full report on link below

Link to official UK AAIB accident report Air Command G-BOVP


  1. 30 June 2013 Casaleggio (Novara) Italy
    DTA J-RO crash during take off. No people injuried.
    Slow speed, high pitch and a 180 turn doing the rest. He lost the rotor profile tube!


  2. One accident is missed here.

    July 24, 2012. Irkutsk, Russia.
    Two-seater gyro А-002 experienced the engine failure on its final approach during the test flight. Made a hard landing in the swamp near Bokovo villiage. Pilot walked away with just minor injuries.

    News link (Russian) -
    Video (Russian) -

  3. Thanks for the posted information.

    I am currently involved with the accident investigation on a Sycamore gyrocopter - ZU-EUI in South Africa.

    The dual brackets attaching the rotor-head assembly (in this case a 33ft aluminium rotor conversion from a 30ft) fractured in flight. The pilot and passenger survived the forced landing. I found the brackets/plates to be of inferior quality, not only when compared to an intact reference set, but also for this (crucial) application. I also noted that no part/serial/batch numbers on these brackets, not the failed nor the new. Can anyone on this forum supply me with these number/s if any?

    Coenraad Snyman

    Physical Metallurgist
    Aircraft Accident Investigator (

  4. I was witness to the Anahuac crash November 16, 2013. Here are the facts. The gyrocopter was between twenty-five and thirty feet above the ground. He had just made a pass over my location. The engine sputtered three times, like it had bad gas and was chocking. Then the craft's engine shut off completely. The copter fell into a hay field. We do not have cornfields in Anahuac, Texas. We have rice, cattle and alligators.
    The copter blowup on impact and threw off the blades at that time. There are other witnesses to this fact. The blades where thrown into a stand of trees.

    1. Best you think back on what you the accident I viewed it from the airport, a pilot of these things also, and part of the investigation team. The physics of these crafts would not have allowed the blade to seperate AFTER ground impact...just a fact that the rotors were in near perfect shape and were retieved several hundred yards away after they seperated from apporx 200 ' altitude. All-in-all it was a site that I wished none of us would have experienced.

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